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Wedding at Sandals South Coast Jamaica

Laura & Aaron Cavanna

On November 18, 2007 we were married on the gorgeous beach of Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. Fifteen family members came along to share this incredible journey with us and everyone had the time of their lives! Once we were on the island, nothing sums up the whole experience better than the word, paradise! The staff was friendly, accommodating and made us feel like royalty. By the second day of our trip, we were on a first name basis with many of them. Sandals had something to offer for everyone that went with us. Between the water activities (we suggest the snorkeling) and lounging by the pool or beach with a tasty drink in hand (“Come Agains” were a big hit with our group), there was never a dull moment, not to mention the food was delicious. Sandals makes you wish you never have to go back home! The main purpose for our trip, our wedding, went off without any problems. We met with our wedding coordinator the second day on the island to go over all of our details for the big day. What takes most couples a year or longer to plan, we got done in an hour! They catered to our individual tastes which made for our own unique and perfect wedding. Walking down the aisle (a gorgeous beach) with my dad, and seeing it all put together so beautifully was like a dream come true We had stunning tropical flowers on the arbor, petals scattered on the sand, an ocean behind us, our wedding song playing in the background, and our families standing and taking dozens of pictures. It was all like a fairy tale! Everything started with Tom and Nancy Finn of Island Getaways. Our initial meeting with them was face to face, which made it feel more personal then booking a wedding over the internet. It also provided us with the opportunity to get to know them and them the chance to get to know us. Between all the brochures, pictures and their first hand knowledge of all the Sandals resorts, we had more than enough information to choose the right one to get married on. Working with them was a dream because they didn’t make us feel rushed or pressured, and night or day, whether it was by email or phone, they always responded to our questions – and there were many – as quickly as possible. Even after the details of our trip were taken care of (they planned everything for us), they still called once in awhile, just to see how everything was going and to let us know how excited they were for us. We could not have picked better travel agents or a better place for our first time leaving the country.