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Wedding at Couples Sans Souci Resort Jamaica

Celestte & Jason

To those of you reading through testimonials and feedback from clients of Island Getaways, let me first start off by saying Island Getaways was not my first choice. They are the BEST choice. When I started planning my destination wedding nine months ago, I did a lot of research online. I came across a travel agency that advertised they were specialists in destination weddings. I reserved our vacation with the agency and I booked my sunset wedding with Couples Resorts. It didn’t take me long to realize the travel agency advertised more than they could deliver. Not exactly sure what to do and in a slight panic at losing my deposit, I continued to do research and found Island Getaways. With the experience I had with the first agency, I was hesitant to speak to another agency that specialized in “destination weddings.” That all changed after speaking with Nancy for 5 minutes. I felt like I had found a long, lost friend. Not sure what to do since I already gave a deposit to “that other agency” The decision was easy after that. Incidentally…I did get my deposit back!

Let me not forget about Nancy’s other half – Tom. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom the same day I found Nancy. And after hearing about their personal experience with Couples Resorts and having their own wedding in Jamaica at a Couples Resort, I knew I had made the BEST choice booking with Island Getaways. One of the most important factors in choosing this agency for me…they actually return your phone calls and reply to emails. And I don’t mean within 24-48 hours. And I have even been able to reach Nancy on weekends and evenings. I once was communicating with her via email after 11:00 pm!!! What other agency do you know that will do that?! Nancy and Tom are truly committed to providing the utmost in customer service and exceeding your expectations. Needless to say, we will be booking all future travel through Island Getaways.

Because of Nancy and Tom, our weddingmoon was the BESTt vacation my new husband and I ever had. I’ve traveled to many places in the Caribbean and Hawaii. Our stay in Jamaica was NINE DAYS OF HEAVEN. It was PERFECT! From our sunset wedding on the beach to our accommodations in the Penthouse Suite, and the Champagne and Fruit Tray delivered to our room from Nancy and Tom, we were truly spoiled. Two hours before the ceremony, Jason and I were relaxing in the pool resting on a float with a Rum Punch drink in our hands. What bride can say that? We were totally stress-free. Both Jason and I LOVED the resort so much we want to make Couples Sans Souci an annual vacation. The food on the resort was absolutely fabulous; the social directors fun and charming, the smiling bartenders made daily concoctions that were tasty and fruity.

Thank you, Nancy and Tom, for your help in making our wedding day and honeymoon the most memorable event and happiest day of our lives. We never stopped laughing or smiling the whole time. We made wonderful memories in Jamaica that will last us a lifetime.