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Wedding at Couples Negril Jamaica

Suzy & Nate

Couples Negril was great! I am so glad you were able to pull strings and get Nate and I first class seats roundtrip. It was SO much more comfortable. All of our guests were jealous!  When we arrived at the resort we were told that we had been upgraded to a deluxe beachfront suite (per your request) which was awesome. Due to the fact all of the girls were getting ready in our room the huge bathroom was a life saver, I don’t know how we would have all fit in a regular room?!

The wedding was beautiful, we decided to have the ceremony in the garden. (Walking on the beach with shoes would have been a challenge)  My Dad asked Rasheda how many weddings she has done and she estimated around 3000.  Had I known that I would have had NO concerns what so ever. We are also glad we had you guys set up the booze cruise for us, it was a blast!  All of the guys jumped off the cliff at pirate’s cove. Otheite was wonderful, Nate and I were able to go twice.  That is something people MUST be sure to get a reservation for immediately upon check-in at the resort.  We had a few couples that were not able to go because they did not hurry to reserve a time and they understood that it was their fault. We had the BEST housekeeper ever, her name was Marcia. We stayed in building 9 and our guests were in building 6 which made it really convenient to get to them and vice versa. My only regret is that I wish we would have stayed 10 days instead of just 7. I know you thought we would get bored, however you don’t know how good we are at floating in a pool and drinking all day!  I could never get bored doing that, not to mention the great people watching. If you have any other couples that are considering getting married at Couples Negril I would be happy to answer any specific questions they may have so please feel free to pass on my e-mail.  I will get pictures to you as soon as I get them back from our friend who is putting them all on one disc and setting them to music. Thanks again to you both for helping us have the destination wedding we had always dreamed of, you are the best!