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Wedding Jamaica


My wedding was schedule for this weekend in Cancun, Mexico, but due to Hurricane Wilma our plan and dreams were demolished…well at least I thought. All I can say is thank goodness for Island Getaways. Nancy and Tom are my guardian angels! They were the ones I booked my trip through. If it were not for them I would not have been informed (min to min) on what was going on in Mexico and more importantly what my options were. I would have been going psycho if I did not know if our plane was going to be taking off or if it was going be canceled. They kept me informed almost hourly. They were there for me professionally and personally. I was a wreck and they got me through it. They were able to rebook our trip right away. After going over ton of different options, the pros and cons, pricing and so on (they spent hours with me) we finally made a decision to rebook the trip to Jamaica. I am so happy and blessed. I am getting more than I ever expected. They worked with me under pressure and always kept my spirits high. I cannot say enough good things about Nancy and Tom at Island Getaways. So if anyone is looking the a travel agent for a destination wedding or honeymoon….look them up.