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Vacations in the Caribbean Jamaica


I have been working with Nancy Finn as my exclusive travel agent for Caribbean vacations for the past four years. Nancy has arranged 9 separate vacations, not only for us as a couple, but for my family, including my 2 daughters ages 10 and 12, as well. As a busy professional, taking time away from work is expensive. Spending additional available working hours before departure attending to details, “dotting I’s and crossing T’s” only raises the cost of the vacation and decreases the potential enjoyment that I gain from time away from work. On every vacation, Nancy has been spot-on in her ability to attend to these details, and relieve me of much of the pre-departure detail work necessary to have a good vacation. Her choice in resorts is excellent, her attention to the customer is way beyond any other agency that I have ever worked with, and her sense of satisfaction in a job well done is notable. I have been traveling to the Caribbean since 1995, I have used various agencies early on, but I will never use anyone other than Nancy in the future. In a time when travel has become common place, Nancy’s skills and approach to travel projects harkens back to a time when customer service and customer satisfaction were the primary goal of travel agents. She is a rare find in today’s Internet oriented travel environment. I would be happy to discuss these experiences with you, please do not hesitate to contact Nancy for my e-mail address and we can begin open communication regarding same.