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Vacation at Sandals Antigua Antigua

Abby & Glen

As far as our trip. OUTSTANDING!!!! It was absolutely unbelievable as always. We really enjoyed the pool. That’s where we spent most of our time and it definitely rivals EB’s pool as one of the best we have been to. The food was great. We ate at OK Corral (twice), Kimonos, Marios, Barefoot numerous times, and of course the Select dinner. And I think you made dinner reservations for us before we got there? Thanks! And thank you for that good bottle of champagne you had in our room. We actually went on a private sunset cruise with a local with a boat and took it with us. The sunset out on that water was amazing!

The only problem we had was every member of the staff was so outstanding, we could not remember one person that was better than the others. Really they did a great job!!!! It seemed like the employees, if you introduced yourself once, they all remembered your name. It was very impressive. I actually went up to the manager of the Med Village at the SSG dinner to tell him Abby and I were having a great time. He immediately asked me how my workout was like three days earlier. He must have seen me working out and remembered me. It showed me they really pay attention to what their guests are doing.

We ended up going on two dives, which were great. The first one, we saw 4 sharks (one was almost 10 ft!), a tiger fish, some lobster, etc. They were great dives and the water sports staff was outstanding.

Our room wasn’t ready when we got in since it was early in the day and they showed us to the departure lounge. That worked out very well. And the room itself was exactly what we were looking for. It fit what we wanted perfectly.

Overall, thank you so much for the recommendation. It is definitely a place we will end up going back to. We actually met a couple that we have already kept in contact with and are talking about possibly going to another Sandals together! (I have passed your info on to them)The guests at Antigua were great as well. There ended up being a lot of people (many returning guests) that we spent time with and will keep in touch with.

Abby and I cannot wait to book our next Sandals trip! Thank you so much.

Glen and Abby