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Honeymoon Jamaica

Gena & Bob

I cannot even begin to say how lucky I was to be referred to Nancy. She is so knowledgeable on an incredible number of resorts &locations. Nancy is patient and willing to help walk you through every option you may be considering. I spent a TON of time and researched a lot of different locations and resorts when I was planning our honeymoon; I thought I was very prepared for picking a spot (hey, how hard could it be, right??) but I was just so indecisive, and worried I would make a wrong choice…this is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime after all. Nancy asked a few simple questions about what exactly we pictured for our honeymoon, and knew the perfect resorts for our 2 weeks in Jamaica. She even provided us with pictures and reviews from her previous clients that had been to those resorts, so we could see exactly what to expect. Not only did Nancy choose the perfect matches for us, she saved us over a thousand dollars and made the trip the most stress-free and incredible honeymoon a bride could ask for!…which was exactly what I needed after 15 months of wedding planning. I look forward to all of the future vacations I will get to take w/my new husband, and now that I’ve found her, I will never plan another trip without Nancy Finn!