I'm looking for celebrity-style, red carpet treatment. Can Island Getaways help?

With a history of obtaining complimentary upgrades and premium perks for our clients, you’ll feel nothing short of spoiled. We function as your domestic concierge so you will be thoroughly taken careof throughout your travel experience, beginning right here at home. This treatment comes standard.

Does it cost extra to book with Island Getaways

Our services are FREE, we often come in less expensive than other Online Travel Agencies such as Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. Contact Island Getaways for price matching competitors.

We love animals and nature. We have learned to snorkel and scuba dive, but want to experience something new together that we've never done before. What would you recommend?

Some resorts offer nearby excursions to swim with the dolphins. Others take a saddled journey up into the hills on horseback, finishing the expedition riding bareback into the ocean. The possibilities abound.

We really want to entertain our wedding party and guests that have traveled from all over the U.S. to share this occasion with us. Any advice?

Our recommendations are highly regarded because we have first-hand experience with what we sell. We have earned our credentials by not only researching all that is out there, but by enjoying the amenities ourselves! We have found that a sunset catamaran cruise not only accommodates larger groups, but is a perfect cap to a day bubbling with excitement.

I have never traveled out of the country before and want to know what to expect.

Sometimes a third-party point-of-you proves most reassuring: “Nancy anticipated every detail of our trip. She was always accessible and I never for one moment felt as though I was left on my own.” -Amanda, Island Getaways client

What assurance are you able to provide so that my wedding will go off without a hitch?

The personal relationships we have with general managers, wedding planners and staff throughout the Caribbean have proven themselves time and again to be five-star quality. We are proud to partner with the talented pool of professionals associated with the resorts we represent and truly function in tandem with them, as an extension of each resort staff.

My husband and I have been together many years. We need to remember the good times, but create new memories and shared experiences. What do you suggest?

A white sand beach and breathtaking seascape sure make for an unbelievable photo op when renewing your vows.

I am looking for the best possible rates to plan a last-minute trip. What are you willing to do for me?

Island Getaways assures a price-match guarantee. We will work within your budget and arrange accommodations suit-to-thrill with a no- frills price tag attached. If you find the same offering elsewhere for less, we will work to honor it and respect the measures you have taken to make your getaway worth every effort.