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Client Testimonials

We at Island Getaways build great relationships with all our clients as we work with them for up to a year. If you would like to contact any of our clients who have written any of these testimonials we would be happy to provide you with their email addresses.

  • Jamaica

    • Erika & Josh
      Wedding at Beaches Negril

      After being rebuffed by other travel agents uninterested in booking destination weddings, we knew we needed to find a company with serious experience. Thanks to the world wide web, we finally found Nancy and Tom at Island Getaways, whose expertise gave us everything we wanted and so much more.

      Not only did Island Getaways organize travel arrangements for 65 guests, they also upgraded our family’s rooms and provided special extras at every turn. Nancy quickly pointed us to the Beaches Resorts since we wanted an intimate, beautiful beach wedding at sunset, with a few small children on our guest list. Nancy reassured us that Chloe at Beaches’ corporate office would take great care of us and that the coordinating overseas would be easy. She was right.

      Island Getaways booked most of our group on the same flight. Arriving at the airport to greet all of our friends and family on the plane was a unique and extremely exciting way to kick off the festivities. Once we got to Beaches, the rooms Nancy chose for us were glorious. Island Getaways upgraded our suite to include a living room that was excellent for entertaining guests over the weekend.

      The wedding itself was magical. Our incredible Beaches onsite coordinators continued to keep us stress-free the days leading up to the wedding as we made final decisions for food, flowers, decor. etc.. On the big day, we were able to spend our time on the beach with everyone we love. The ceremony location was breathtaking and thetented reception on the beach unforgettable.

      The all-inclusive environment overall was tremendously relaxing. Everyone was truly able to focus on enjoying themselves and celebrating our marriage. Through the many meaningful memories we shared on vacation together, our friends and families truly did become one.

      And then, just when we thought Island Getaways couldn’t knock it out of the park any further... The Honeymoon. Nancy and Tom handpicked our amazing room, upgraded us to butler service and planned a private candlelit dinner on the beach to conclude our trip. We wanted to stay forever.

      Thank you, Island Getaways, for everything you did to make our dreams come true.

    • Kelli & Jeremy
      Vacation to Sandals Negril

      We learned the hard way that not all travel agents are created equal. After a disappointing honeymoon we booked through another agency, we were referred to Nancy at Island Getaways for our next trip to Jamaica. We couldn’t be more impressed with Nancy's attention to detail, follow up and even upgraded amenities. Nancy took the time to add personalized touches and it was very apparent that she had "pull" with the management at Sandals. Nancy highly recommended this resort was beyond my expectations in every way! Nancy took the worry and stress out of this trip from the very beginning & we are looking forward to working with Nancy for all future trips! Thanks again Nancy for such an amazing vacation!

    • Joella and Matthew
      Wedding at Sandals Whitehouse

      Thanks to the insightful recommendations by Nancy Finn we had the wedding of our dreams! She went the extra mile countless times throughout our entire (over a year long) planning process, for the entire wedding group! Just planning a wedding can be so stressful. Add to it coordinating 20 guest’s flights and hotel stays in another country! If it weren’t for Nancy’s diligence and patience we would have been nervous wrecks trying to plan it all. I don’t know how she does it, but she managed to work her magic and make everyone happy.

      In our first meeting at Island Getaways we knew we wanted to have the wedding in Jamaica, but we had no idea which resort. The best decision we ever made was to take Nancy’s first suggestion to get married at the Sandal’s Whitehouse with our friends and family, and transfer to Sandal’s Negril for our honeymoon. She truly is an expert and made us feel extremely confident about our plans. The resort was even more amazing than in the catalogs, and as you can see in our incredible wedding photos- we all had the time of our lives.

      Thank you so much, Nancy, for helping us make the biggest day of our lives feel so effortless and so worry-free. You were an absolute asset to have on our side from the first day we called you for our meeting- to our phone call to you from the Jamaica airport. We knew we could count on you, and that made all the difference."

    • Rebecca and Tony
      Honeymoon at Sandals Dunn's River Ocho Rios

      I heard about Nancy and her team on other wedding boards and felt we should give working with a travel agent another try based on the reviews alone. We were not local to Nancy, so that was my first unfounded concern about working with her – something she proved over time and time again that held no bearing to how she runs the business. Both Tony and I felt that we were working with a long time friend, rather then interacting with a travel agent. We had a not so good experience working with a local travel agent three years ago and vowed that I could do just as much background work as she did to save the money. Well, Nancy and her staff know their stuff and do 200% more work then I could ever do on my own – even from 100’s of miles away! The team at My Island Getaways was always one step ahead of what I was asking. They anticipated my dreams about my honeymoon and helped make them reality – it was seriously that good. Here is what I can remember about the interactions that we had with Nancy Finn and her staff while planning our honeymoon.There is so much to comment on!

      To give you some background, Tony and I had no idea where we wanted to go for our honeymoon, as long as it was warm and all inclusive. We both agreed that we wanted to try to find an affordable room, nothing to fancy and a quaint resort with good food and a good staff. Our past travel agent experiences including getting booked at a massive resort, that we had to take a bus to the lobby or the other end of the resort and the food was no better then an old country buffet, bland, nasty, and something we could make better at home! The staff their was not personable at all, in fact we preferred to stick to one of the beach bars because the bartender took care of us and had more to say then “where’s my tip”? The beach was also a disappointment, it was dirty and un-kept.

      After hearing about Nancy, I dug around a bit on her website; everything I saw was right in line with what I saw on the bridal reviews – very organized, new pictures from HER vacations and specific resort information and details that you could not find anywhere else. I decided to give Nancy a call, just putting the feelers out there. Nancy and I talked for over an hour the first time just so she could see what Tony and I wanted from our honeymoon. I was open about our concerns with the last vacation we booked through a travel agent and she was not sales pitch-y at all. We talked a lot about the food at the resorts she books through, mostly because if we were going to do this again, I wanted to make sure we were getting good bang for our buck, not some phony resort that was all Americanized.

      After we hung up, I guess they researched different resorts for us based on what we wanted because, Nancy called ME to touch base again with specific room/location quotes based on our budget and desired needs from the resort. That was the first thing we were impressed with, Nancy always had our budget in mind, keeping us at the highest level of service for the lowest cost at all times. She knew details about each resort and took pride in being able to give specific examples of when she was staying at the resorts. I loved that she was not too good to stay where we ended up staying. I knew that I was placing a high level of trust in Nancy to interpret our wants and needs from our honeymoon, over time I came to find out, that is why she is stellar at her job – she knew more of what we wanted then we did!

      After Tony and I narrowed down the list to three resorts, Nancy looked into specific pricing at three different levels of rooms at each Sandal’s resort (total of 9 pricing options) so we could see where our budget would fit in at each resort. After all of the evaluation, we decided to go with Sandals Dunn’s River because it was our favorite resort on paper, and we could get the best room location/level for our budgeted amount. It was the smallest of the three resorts, but that was what we wanted; we were also able to get a better room level for cheaper because the resort was smaller compared to most. We ended up booking for the mid level room kind of far in advance, knowing I would be less stressed if I had that taken care of.

      As you probably already know, many off the beaten path questions come up when you are going to a new location. I asked all of them! Even those that I knew I could find the answer to myself such as: do we need a visa, are our checked luggage bags going to cost $, do they accept American $ at the resort, are we safe bringing our wedding rings, what are the excursions, what time do the excursions close, what days do cruise lines come in, what excursions would you recommend, what excursions might not run if it rains, etc., etc., etc. We had TONS of questions. We had never stayed at a Sandals and knew we were headed straight for luxury when Nancy returned most questions, the same day, with answers like, they take care of that, the airlines already know, Sandals does that for you, I’ll take care of this and let you know, etc.

      Nancy was on her A-game – We felt as if we were her only clients and she was really working to make us have the best vacation possible, not a sale. There were also several flight changes throughout the year, all of which she notified us of immediately and communicated what that meant for layovers, transportation, costs of the tickets etc.

      Come the week of the wedding, we did not hear anything from Nancy – this was nothing that alarmed me, up until we were getting ready to leave our house for the airport and wondering - was everything ready to go?!?! Once we finally made it to Montego Bay, Jamaica – we knew we were in for a treat. It seemed like we were the only ones headed for a life of luxury – we were very giddy with anticipation. After taking the bus all the way to Sandals Dunn’s River (we were in a coach, but we heard some people had a van or other transportation depending on the size of the group going at that time) we were immediately greeted by the concierge welcoming staff. They explained that our room had been upgraded (courtesy of Nancy’s relationship with the resort), and that our room was all ready to go. This was one of many unexpected surprises from being a part of “Nancy’s Crew”.

      They had someone bring us up to our room, all the while telling us about the different places on the resort as we walked around. After getting settled into the room a little bit, we saw a personalized note from Nancy welcoming us and telling us about the staff (manager’s list) on site if we needed anything to call. We actually did need the manager right away; somehow the safe had been locked before we got there. The night manager was not yet there, but they said he would come up at 10:30 when he got in. At 10:01 he knocked and we were both caught off guard – turns out being on time, even early is expected at Sandals. When we ordered room service for delivery between 9 and 9:30, it was not even 9:05 each morning before they brought it in! That was super cool – we are a very timely couple and that was something we will always remember.

      From that point on it was pure relaxation. The resort was just as Nancy said – everything was absolutely phenomenal and never left us expecting something more. She did a great job at scoping out which resort would be best for us as a couple, as well as helping us pick our excursions. We knew all about them before we even got there, knew what to bring to wear, what to bring with us off of the resort and what to leave behind. We found that once we did go off of the resort, you could tell the difference between someone who had Nancy as a travel agent (us) and someone who was not well prepared for their outings. We loved being the well prepared tourists! The resort lived up to EVERYTHING Nancy and her team promised. The food was spectacular, the staff was awesome, truly friendly and the environment was safe and secluded.

      I can honestly say that if I had not come across so many positive reviews, and subsequently booked with Nancy Finn – our honeymoon would have been way more stressful and less fulfilling. Every need or want that we had from planning, booking, arrival, staying and departure was calm and organized. It was the first time in our lives that we ever been treated like VIP – it was amazing and something we will never forget. We can only dream that our next vacation will be just as relaxing. I cannot think of a better way to travel then as a part of the expert team at My Island Getaways.

      Thank you so much Nancy – you did a wonderful job!

    • Anne and Geoff
      Wedding at Couples Negril

      We just eloped at Couples Negril and could not be happier with the entire experience.  Nancy and Tom are fantastic!  We have traveled extensively throughout our lives but have NEVER used a travel agent before this experience.  In the midst of our usual travel research, I stumbled upon an article about the benefits of going through a travel agent and easily found Nancy, who is highly recommended and visible throughout numerous circles.  We booked through their agency and never looked back.  We had no idea what we were missing!!  Working with Nancy and Tom made our vacation planning so simple and seamless.  They did all the work from the care they took on that very first call right up through the day we left - making it abundantly clear they were there for us 24/7 if we needed them while away.  They sent us tips for how to pack, what excursions to take and generally what to expect. They sent photos and checked in on us periodically throughout the process.  We live several states away but were very comfortable working with the Finn's by phone and e-mail.  I can't say enough about the great service we received!  We will be back and we will definitely be telling all of our friends!!  Nancy and Tom you rock!!  Thank you for your role in helping to make our wedding and honeymoon so unbelievable!!

    • Celestte and Jason
      Wedding at Couples Sans Souci Resort

      To those of you reading through testimonials and feedback from clients of Island Getaways, let me first start off by saying Island Getaways was not my first choice. They are the BEST choice. When I started planning my destination wedding nine months ago, I did a lot of research online. I came across a travel agency that advertised they were specialists in destination weddings. I reserved our vacation with the agency and I booked my sunset wedding with Couples Resorts. It didn't take me long to realize the travel agency advertised more than they could deliver. Not exactly sure what to do and in a slight panic at losing my deposit, I continued to do research and found Island Getaways. With the experience I had with the first agency, I was hesitant to speak to another agency that specialized in "destination weddings." That all changed after speaking with Nancy for 5 minutes. I felt like I had found a long, lost friend. Not sure what to do since I already gave a deposit to "that other agency" The decision was easy after that. Incidentally...I did get my deposit back!

      Let me not forget about Nancy's other half - Tom. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom the same day I found Nancy. And after hearing about their personal experience with Couples Resorts and having their own wedding in Jamaica at a Couples Resort, I knew I had made the BEST choice booking with Island Getaways. One of the most important factors in choosing this agency for me...they actually return your phone calls and reply to emails. And I don't mean within 24-48 hours. And I have even been able to reach Nancy on weekends and evenings. I once was communicating with her via email after 11:00 pm!!! What other agency do you know that will do that?! Nancy and Tom are truly committed to providing the utmost in customer service and exceeding your expectations. Needless to say, we will be booking all future travel through Island Getaways.

      Because of Nancy and Tom, our weddingmoon was the BESTt vacation my new husband and I ever had. I've traveled to many places in the Caribbean and Hawaii. Our stay in Jamaica was NINE DAYS OF HEAVEN. It was PERFECT! From our sunset wedding on the beach to our accommodations in the Penthouse Suite, and the Champagne and Fruit Tray delivered to our room from Nancy and Tom, we were truly spoiled. Two hours before the ceremony, Jason and I were relaxing in the pool resting on a float with a Rum Punch drink in our hands. What bride can say that? We were totally stress-free. Both Jason and I LOVED the resort so much we want to make Couples Sans Souci an annual vacation. The food on the resort was absolutely fabulous; the social directors fun and charming, the smiling bartenders made daily concoctions that were tasty and fruity.

      Thank you, Nancy and Tom, for your help in making our wedding day and honeymoon the most memorable event and happiest day of our lives. We never stopped laughing or smiling the whole time. We made wonderful memories in Jamaica that will last us a lifetime.

    • Tara and Dave
      Royal Plantation Ocho Rios

      This is our 2nd time using Nancy Finn of My Island Getaways and we could not have been happier.  We booked our honeymoon through her to Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica last year and we loved the resort so much that we had to go back for our 1 year anniversary.   Of course I had to use Nancy again because she took such good care of us the first time.  She has great relationships with all the resorts in the Caribbean and because of that her clients are really taken care of.  She was able to secure an upgrade for us to an absolutely amazing room, the same type we had for our honeymoon which was really special.  She is always available, and responds to calls and emails really quickly and is also very knowledgable of the area.  Last year when we were flying out for our honeymoon and our flights got cancelled at 4am I was panicked and didn't know what to do.  I called and didn't expect her to answer at that hour but she actually answered and helped us out!  She was able to call the resort and change our arrival and departure date so we wouldn't lose any time on our honeymoon.  She really put me at ease.  I would never use anyone else.

      I also have to rave about the Royal Plantation.  This is a small resort with impeccable service that caters to your every need and want.  We were truly spoiled there and leaving was so incredibly hard.  The beach is prestine, the food is absolutely delicious and the staff is the best.  By the 2nd day they all know your name, where you like to sit on the beach and what you like to drink.  If you're looking for a party atmosphere then this is not the place for you.  If you're looking for a place to truly relax, enjoy good food and be pampered then book Royal Plantation right now!  You'll definitely not be sorry.

    • Breanne and Eric
      Honeymoon at Sandals Montego Bay

      Words truly cannot express how happy and thankful we are for booking our honeymoon through Nancy.... she put all of our troubles at ease and helped our planning process run so smoothly from the very beginning when helping us to choose the right resort for us to the very end when making us VIP clients and getting us a HUGE upgrade at our resort  She was VERY patient to work with and was extremely responsive to all of our questions and concerns along the way.  We honestly had the best week of our lives on our honeymoon at Sandals Montego Bay and we are so appreciative for all of Nancy's help and expertise in getting us there!!  She sent us information along the way for the excursions/adventures and also helped us to get registered for the 'honeymoon benefits' for sandals.  She truly kept us on track and the 8 days in Jamaica were the most relaxing, worry-free days of our lives (which was MUCH needed after 14 long months of wedding planning).  We couldn't be happier with how our honeymoon turned out and we are thrilled that we now have such a wonderful travel agent that we will use for years and years to come for all of our vacations! Thanks again for such a PERFECT honeymoon.

    • Gina and Michael
      Couples Swept Away Honeymoon

      With the great reviews on forum we were able to find Nancy Finn at My Island Getaways and use her as our travel agent. After reading all the praises for Nancy, I decided to call her up and see what all of the fuss was about. I had it set in my mind that my husband and I were going to go to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, but I don’t think our budget was feeling it as much as we were and Nancy picked up on that right away She asked me why we were set on St. Lucia and I told her about the Paula Deen special where she went to St. Lucia with her family and how they got to experience amazing food and do adventurous activities like ziplining. Nancy explained to me we could experience all of this and not break the bank if we went to Jamaica. She sent us a TON of information about Jamaica and the different resorts, and after some consideration and more conversations with Nancy we booked our trip to Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica.

    • Jaye and Rocky
      Wedding at Beaches Sandy Bay

      Nancy and Island Getaways was a great help in planning our wedding.  She always seemed available to us to answer questions, calm concerns, help with panic attacks... all the things that go along with planning a destination wedding!   We had 24 guests join us for a week in Negril Jamaica and Nancy helped coordinate most of their flights and rooms.  All of our guests had a great time at Beaches Sandy Bay and Sandals Negril and we are planning a reunion for 2010!  And of course, we will once again call upon Nancy to help us out.  If you are looking for a travel agent who truly cares, Nancy is the way to go!

    • Melissa and John
      Wedding at Couples Swept Away

      We are writing this letter to thank you for all your help in planning our destination wedding in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. The truth is, however, that words cannot fully express our gratitude and deep appreciation for all that you have done for us. Planning this wedding was a challenging task. We contacted many other travel agencies and spent hours researching possible locations and resorts. Every travel agent we spoke with could not provide us with what we needed.  They weren't able to offer us suggestions of locations, they couldn't provide us with price quotes, and most of all, they didn't share our excitement in planning this trip. It was so frustrating and at many points we truly thought that the destination wedding that we wanted would never happen.  You changed all of this. You made the wedding happen. From the first time that we spoke to you, we knew that you were different than the others. You were excited, you had insightful and helpful suggestions of locations and resorts we could have the wedding at, and you were able to provide us with the information that we needed just hours after we had initially spoken to you. You were able to accommodate all of our needs and the needs of all 30 of our guests. Because of your expertise, we found an incredible place to have our wedding and honeymoon. Just as you said, Couples Swept Away was absolutely amazing. The rooms were beautiful, the food was fantastic and the service was exceptional. The wedding staff was extremely helpful and made our day seamless and stress-free. Thanks to your coordination with the wedding staff prior to our arrival, we were able to finalize all the details of our wedding in just one short meeting with the wedding coordinator. Our dream wedding on the beach was even better than we had imagined it would be.

      Simply put, our wedding was perfect.  You handled everything for us with ease and with such a great attitude. You enabled us to have the wedding we dreamed of without any of the stress that goes along with planning a wedding.  We truly enjoyed working with you and can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us.  Feel free to allow any of your potential clients to contact us anytime. We will gladly recommend your services and answer any questions they may have.  We look forward to planning many more "Island Getaways" with you in the future. Thanks again for everything.

    • Eryn and Chris
      Wedding at Beaches Negril

      The Wedding & Honeymoon of Our Dreams…thanks to Island Getaways. Right from the beginning we knew we wanted a destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica. We had been working with another travel agent who claimed to specialize in weddings at Sandals & Beaches, but never felt comfortable with how things were being handled. Then we found Nancy & Tom at Island Getaways…what a blessing. From our first phone call, which was over an hour long, to the week after we returned, they were always on top of things. Calling us making sure we didn’t have questions, getting answers to us right away & giving us advice and their expert opinions. We got married in January at Beaches Negril with about 20 family & friends, all of us had a wonderful time. The wedding went off beautifully…better than we could have imagined. We, along with most of our guests, got room upgrades, all thanks to Nancy & Tom. We were treated wonderfully from the time we set foot on the property, but once it was known that we were “with” Island Getaways, we were treated like royalty. Nancy & Tom have truly made a name for themselves in Jamaica. The day after our wedding, we transferred to Sandals Negril for our honeymoon. Per Nancy’s recommendation, we splurged for the butler service…now that’s honeymooning!! We were literally waited on hand & foot, day & night, but they serve you to the extent that you want. The week was wonderful. The only that would have made it better is if we could have stayed longer. Without writing pages about how perfect everything was, all we can say is thank you Nancy & Tom for truly make making our wedding & honeymoon more than we could have dreamt of. We would recommend Island Getaways to anyone & everyone for their destination wedding, honeymoon or just vacation.

    • Rebecca
      Vacation at Couples Negril

      Nancy made planning our vacation a "no-hassle" experience.  She said yes, when other travel companies said no.  Nancy was able to book us into Couples Negril when other agencies told us they couldn't. We got just what we wanted, when we wanted. It's good to have friends, especially when they are competent, reliable and have the best interests of the customer in mind. I call Nancy a friend because she even called me after the trip and inquired if everything had gone well. She knows what she's doing from start to finish.

    • Christina and Larry
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away/The Caves

      First off, I contacted Nancy after reading about her from so many other brides early on in my honeymoon planning. I emailed her one night, and we spoke for a long time the next day. She immediately makes you feel like a friend, not just a client...and is always available for any questions that you have. We wanted to go to Jamaica, and having been there herself 100+ times, she had a lot of personal knowledge to share with me, which was more than just what the hotel brochures will tell you. I loved the fact that her website has personal photos, not just the hotel's press photos. Booking through her was a breeze. It doesn't cost extra to work with her vs booking yourself, but she adds an invaluable service by giving you her time and expertise. Before we left, she called to make sure we had everything, emailed me her own tip list and personal contacts she had at the hotel so just in case we had any problem whatsoever, we knew who to call. We chose Couples Swept Away (all-inclusive) in Negril, Jamaica as our first stop. The place is gorgeous. The minute you enter their lounge at the airport, you are checked in and promptly served ice cold Red Stripes :) When you arrive at the hotel, you are given a cool towel and a glass of champagne, which really sets the tone for your time there. We were at CSA for the first 5 days of our Jamaican honeymoon, and it was more than we hoped for. We had a beachfront verandah suite on the 3rd floor. Our room was impeccable - clean, AC was cold, bed was super comfortable. View of the beach was fabulous and I would definitely recommend requesting the 3rd floor if it is available (thanks to Nancy's pull, we got it). Food - be ready to eat, because there is lots of food to choose from! From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, every meal was delicious and perfectly prepared. Make your reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass, 2 of the "nicer" restaurants. Pack some nice clothes for dinner - I forgot a pair of dressy sandals and had to buy a pair. Not all restaurants let you wear your $2 Old Navy flip flops to dinner :) The drinks are plentiful and yummy. Flag beach bar service on the beach was great. I recommend the "Dirty Banana" and "Hummingbird" for a frozen drink to cool you down in the sun, and the Lychee Martini at dinner. The beaches were not crowded, and there were always plenty of chairs to choose from. If you've had too much sun, there are lots of shady trees to sit under. If you want a cabana, though, you have to get to one early because they get claimed pretty quickly. Water was clear, cool, and calm. The staff at CSA is nothing short of helpful and pleasant. They really go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at home. The great thing about this place is you can be active with all their watersports and activities, or you can do nothing. It's up to you! We were sad to check out, but we will definitely return to CSA. We moved from CSA to The Caves (all-inclusive) for a different vibe for the last few days of our trip. This hotel does not have a beach, since it is built right into the cliffs in Negril. The scenery here was beautiful. A small hotel, only 10 villas. Each villa is uniquely decorated with locally handcrafted furniture...lots of charm. Food was top notch, drinks were delicious (try The Cliffhanger and The Hummingbird), water was crystal clear. We got the Bird's Nest room, which was on the second floor. This means no AC, and you have to get used to having some extra roommates (the 4+ legged kind). It was not a big problem for us, though. It took some getting used to, I will admit. This is a place to do nothing but relax. You can jump from one of their many cliffs into the ocean, or climb down one of the ladders they have right into the water. Lots of floaties to use. You can go kayaking, snorkeling, etc. Since it is so small, you get to know the staff by name and they make you feel like you are staying in someone's home instead of a hotel. My husband had a bad sunburn (bring sunblock!), and asked the front desk if they had any after-sun lotion or gel, and they brought up a real aloe leaf :) If you want something from the bar and it's after-hours, help yourself! They also have an Aveda Spa, which I didn't get to experience, but promise I will when we go back. If you go, you must book the Cave Dinner asap. It's a private dinner for you in one of their caves, complete with your own server, full of candles and flowers. We didn't reserve it in time, so they gave us a private stone table dinner, right on the cliff, instead of the was just as romantic and intimate. Also book their private jacuzzi. It's in a room with a large window overlooking the ocean. Lots of candles and flowers also. It was a really nice way to end our honeymoon. Honestly, I was hesitant about booking through a travel agent since the internet has made it so accessible to book yourself, but I couldn't imagine not having done it through Nancy and Island Getaways. She makes herself very accessible (I emailed her from Couples with a question about our transportation to The Caves and got a response right away), she is always friendly and truly makes you feel like you are her only client. It was our first time to Jamaica, and it made us both feel so much better knowing that we could contact someone if we had to. Now speaking from personal experience, you cannot go wrong with Nancy, with Couples Swept Away, or The Caves. It was a great time, and we really loved Jamaica and its people.

    • Suzy and Nate
      Wedding at Couples Negril

      Couples Negril was great! I am so glad you were able to pull strings and get Nate and I first class seats roundtrip. It was SO much more comfortable. All of our guests were jealous!  When we arrived at the resort we were told that we had been upgraded to a deluxe beachfront suite (per your request) which was awesome. Due to the fact all of the girls were getting ready in our room the huge bathroom was a life saver, I don't know how we would have all fit in a regular room?!

      The wedding was beautiful, we decided to have the ceremony in the garden. (Walking on the beach with shoes would have been a challenge)  My Dad asked Rasheda how many weddings she has done and she estimated around 3000.  Had I known that I would have had NO concerns what so ever. We are also glad we had you guys set up the booze cruise for us, it was a blast!  All of the guys jumped off the cliff at pirate's cove. Otheite was wonderful, Nate and I were able to go twice.  That is something people MUST be sure to get a reservation for immediately upon check-in at the resort.  We had a few couples that were not able to go because they did not hurry to reserve a time and they understood that it was their fault. We had the BEST housekeeper ever, her name was Marcia. We stayed in building 9 and our guests were in building 6 which made it really convenient to get to them and vice versa. My only regret is that I wish we would have stayed 10 days instead of just 7. I know you thought we would get bored, however you don't know how good we are at floating in a pool and drinking all day!  I could never get bored doing that, not to mention the great people watching. If you have any other couples that are considering getting married at Couples Negril I would be happy to answer any specific questions they may have so please feel free to pass on my e-mail.  I will get pictures to you as soon as I get them back from our friend who is putting them all on one disc and setting them to music. Thanks again to you both for helping us have the destination wedding we had always dreamed of, you are the best!

    • Stacy and Tom
      Wedding at Beaches Negril

      WOW, where do I even begin.  I received a referral to contact Nancy Finn to assist in planning our destination wedding. I must admit I was skeptical at first being that we lived in Pennsylvania and Island Getaways is based out of Wisconsin. After my first phone call to Nancy Finn and her husband Tom, all doubts were gone. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable yet made us feel extremely comfortable in assisting us plan our special day.  From helping us to choose our location to booking our large party everything was seamless.  We felt as though Nancy knew us personally and shared our vision of the perfect tropical wedding.

      Upon arrival to Beaches Resort in Negril, Jamaica we were greeted with the pleasant surprise of a room upgrade compliments of Island Getaways; our perfect wedding moon had begun.  We enjoyed the beautiful resort and awaited the arrival of our guests.  Upon arriving back to our room the night that night we were greeted with a gift from Nancy Finn. A bottle of champagne and cheese platter were delivered to our room for my soon to be husband and myself to share.  The following morning our guests arrived at the resort and they were also greeting with a pleasant surprise.  All of our guests received room upgrades as well. Non of this would have been possible without Nancy & Tom Finn and Island Getaways. From the moment we arrived the to day we left, we were treated like royalty. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and the perfect way to start our lives as husband and wife. I would like to sincerely thank Nancy and Tom Finn along with the staff at Island Getaways for making our dreams come true.

    • Dena
      Wedding at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios

      We just returned from our wedding in Jamaica and owe much thanks to Nancy and Tom.They were able to coordinate our party of 20 for our wedding at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios. Nancy was able to make sure our entire party was close together at the resort so we didn't have to search for our guests. Working with Nancy was a wonderful experience and she was always able to answer our questions and accommodate our requests. I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone planning a trip. We loved it so much we are already looking to return and we will be calling Nancy to help us plan our next trip too.

    • Caitlin
      Wedding at Sandals Whitehouse

      I had never used a travel agent before and got a recommendation for Nancy from  I was trying to plan my honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica, but had never been to Jamaica or to a Sandals resort. I knew when I first spoke with her that she would be such a valuable resource. She was always willing to answer my questions (and I had lots of them!) and when a small problem arose with an excursion before we arrived she was able to fix it right away.  My husband and I were so pleased when we arrived at the resort, everything was perfect!  Nancy had our room upgraded to an amazing room with balcony and a great view.  She even sent us a fruit tray to celebrate our trip.  We had an incredible time at the Sandals Whitehouse—the accommodations, the service, the food, everything was amazing! I know we have Nancy to thank for making our honeymoon planning so easy and the trip so flawless. I can't wait to book our next vacation with her!

    • Ashley and Spence
      Engagement at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios

      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! We are so truly grateful for everything you've done for us on our trip. As you know we got engaged!! And it was the most romantic, beautiful thing I could ever imagine. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the general manager Brian and the guest services manager Karen who were soo grateful to have us. I couldn't believe it when they said we were upgraded to the Romeo and Juliet honeymoon suite w/ butler service, and to top it off, Karen gave us Bertrum who's like the lead man there because he heard of us and wanted to be a part of it. When we got to the suite he first lead us into the bedroom and there were rose petals everywhere!!! in the tub, toilet, you name it with candles all around and a bottle of champagne. When I turned the corner they had spelled out "Ashley will you marry me" In fresh flowers, orchids maybe and then two dove towels w/ a note about love and happiness. Spence had to ask Bertrum for the bag haha bc he wouldn't give it to him. He got down on the knee and proposed and we sipped champagne! The only thing was the butlers stood there the whole time and didn't leave room for much privacy but we were in such shock it was fine. After they left I just bawled my eyes ring is simply gorgeous and everyone at the resort kept asking about us. We never had such better service, the people were truly incredible. And to top it off..we met a Canadian couple who were professional photogrophers and took a engagment photoshoot of us for free! As soon as they send the disk we'll give you pics. I just wanted to say how much we appreciate everything you went throught to make this such a special event for us. Words can't express our gratitude.

    • Lindsay and Duane
      Honeymoon at Couples Negril

      We knew that we wanted to have a Caribbean honeymoon, and had vaguely heard of St. Lucia, but didn't know where to start. Instead of struggling through the process alone, we randomly chose an internet site to hopefully find somebody more experienced than us....and we couldn't have been luckier. Nancy was an outstanding asset  From the very beginning, she answered our many questions, booked the vacation that we wanted, and her personal request for an upgrade to get the "VIP Island Getaways treatment" was successful!  (And free for us!)  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nancy after the wonderful experience in St. Lucia and the invaluable assistance she provided to make that experience the honeymoon of our dreams.

    • Laura and Aaron Cavanna
      Wedding at Sandals Whitehouse

      On November 18, 2007 we were married on the gorgeous beach of Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. Fifteen family members came along to share this incredible journey with us and everyone had the time of their lives! Once we were on the island, nothing sums up the whole experience better than the word, paradise! The staff was friendly, accommodating and made us feel like royalty. By the second day of our trip, we were on a first name basis with many of them. Sandals had something to offer for everyone that went with us. Between the water activities (we suggest the snorkeling) and lounging by the pool or beach with a tasty drink in hand ("Come Agains" were a big hit with our group), there was never a dull moment, not to mention the food was delicious. Sandals makes you wish you never have to go back home! The main purpose for our trip, our wedding, went off without any problems. We met with our wedding coordinator the second day on the island to go over all of our details for the big day. What takes most couples a year or longer to plan, we got done in an hour! They catered to our individual tastes which made for our own unique and perfect wedding. Walking down the aisle (a gorgeous beach) with my dad, and seeing it all put together so beautifully was like a dream come true We had stunning tropical flowers on the arbor, petals scattered on the sand, an ocean behind us, our wedding song playing in the background, and our families standing and taking dozens of pictures. It was all like a fairy tale! Everything started with Tom and Nancy Finn of Island Getaways. Our initial meeting with them was face to face, which made it feel more personal then booking a wedding over the internet. It also provided us with the opportunity to get to know them and them the chance to get to know us. Between all the brochures, pictures and their first hand knowledge of all the Sandals resorts, we had more than enough information to choose the right one to get married on. Working with them was a dream because they didn't make us feel rushed or pressured, and night or day, whether it was by email or phone, they always responded to our questions - and there were many - as quickly as possible. Even after the details of our trip were taken care of (they planned everything for us), they still called once in awhile, just to see how everything was going and to let us know how excited they were for us. We could not have picked better travel agents or a better place for our first time leaving the country.

    • Becky & Paul
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      Wow! Couples Swept Away was awesome!!! Thank you SO much for all of your help booking our honeymoon! We cannot say enough good things about the resort! We have been recommending you and CSA to everyone we know! =) Thank you also for your list of tips and your contact names and numbers. They made us feel confident in our travels, and we appreciate you taking the time to do that. The vacation was absolutely perfect--so relaxing and fun! Oh, and the food! All six restaurants were delicious! =) I have attached two photos of Paul and me (the new Mr. & Mrs. Stiles) from the vacation. One is on the beach and the other is in Feathers, the fine dining restaurant. They had us reveal our food (lobster and steak...yummy!) and say "Voila!" It was funny. =) Again, thank you SO much! We will definitely use your services again when we return to the Caribbean!

    • Tiffany & Paul
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      When it came time to book our honeymoon, my husband and I could not figure out where we wanted to go. I did some research, and after reading tons of posts on the Knot about Nancy, we decided to give her a call. Nancy was quick to respond, and helped us decide ultimately on Swept Away. Every time we talked to Nancy, it was like talking to a friend. Any questions we had, she immediately answered. She made the whole booking process seamless and relaxing (exactly what a bride-to-be needs!). We were so excited to go to CSA and when we got there it was like a dream! All of Nancy's recommendations for must-do's were perfect and all of the contacts she gave us were great. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dean came and spoiled the end of our honeymoon but Nancy was very supportive and helped us as much as she possibly could. We definitely want to go back in the future and there is no doubt in my mind that we will be calling Nancy.

    • Melissa & Jeff
      Honeymoon at Couples Negril

      We just got back from our honeymoon at Couples Negril in Jamaica and had a fabulous time! We worked closely with Nancy Finn while planning our honeymoon and her help and expertise were extremely valuable to us! Nancy helped us when making our initial decisions about which resort to stay at and we were very happy with our choice! Couples Negril is absolutely beautiful and was the perfect place for us! We can't imagine a place more romantic or relaxing! Nancy provided us with traveling tips and helpful hints about Jamaica that proved very useful and helped us contact the resort when an unexpected delay pushed back our arrival time. She also called when we got back to hear how our trip went! We are so happy with the services that Nancy provided and look forward to working with her again in the near future- maybe a first anniversary trip?! :)

    • Lisa & Jim
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      Tom & Nancy were amazing to work with for planning our honeymoon! It was so easy! They had all this great information about Jamaica! We actually were down there the same time Tom and Nancy were for the anniversary party and everyone at the resort knew who they were.
      Couples Swept Away was perfect!!! You must come to this resort during their anniversary is the best party you will ever go to. The food & entertainment was fabulous!!!! All the people were so nice...we made so many new friends by the end of the week...we didn't want to leave. We are definitely planning on going back soon:) Thanks Tom & Nancy for the greatest honeymoon!

    • Laura & Wesley
      Honeymoon at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios

      My wife Laura and I were trying to plan a honeymoon we would always remember. So, at the wedding shows we spent several minutes talking to several travel agents. We met Nancy in January she made a courtesy call a few days later. But, we told her simply that we were kicking around a few ideas, and we would call her. Well we went to three more shows and no agent came close to Nancy's professionalism and courtesy she extended to us. In the 15 minutes we spent with her at the Sheraton she had several people come up and ask questions.  Nancy would quickly answer and redirect her attention to us. So, in March we gave Nancy the call that started a lifetime of memories for my wife and me. We first booked Couples Swept Away. We were excited and a little nervous after booking. Laura has never traveled out of the country.  So, it for me was a lot of questions.  The questions I could not answer I would drop an email or a phone call to Nancy. Emails were answered quickly and phone calls answered promptly. All questions had answers. We ran into a problem, I was hit by an uninsured motorist and he caused major damage to my car.  So, in the process of paying for a wedding, a car to get fixed, and a honeymoon, we call Nancy and asked to change our reservation. We asked for a few recommendations and she recommended Sandal's Ocho Rios. So, I will stop with the long winded story and get right to it, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! When we landed in Jamaica we were surprised that most of the horror stories about the roads, the driving, and service were not true. The roads are now paved; the driving is like driving when you were 16, and the service A+++. The workers on the resort were awesome, respectful and just a beautiful culture all around. At Sandals I would recommend meeting a couple or two. We met one couple from Bloomington that we hung around with for lunch and Dunn's River, and just small talk. We now are meeting them in the Wisconsin Dells in August. Not only do you create memories as a couple, but you meet other couples and create a good friendship with them. I would highly recommend Sandals Ocho Rios and Dunn's River.  Both were A+++. Nancy and her staff to are A+++. I would not make a reservation to Jamaica without using Nancy and her staff, especially as one as important as my honeymoon. You're in good hands all the way around with Nancy and the Sandals staff!!!

    • Gena & Bob
      Honeymoon at Sandals Dunns River/Couple Swept Away

      I cannot even begin to say how lucky I was to be referred to Nancy. She is so knowledgeable on an incredible number of resorts &locations. Nancy is patient and willing to help walk you through every option you may be considering. I spent a TON of time and researched a lot of different locations and resorts when I was planning our honeymoon; I thought I was very prepared for picking a spot (hey, how hard could it be, right??) but I was just so indecisive, and worried I would make a wrong choice...this is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime after all. Nancy asked a few simple questions about what exactly we pictured for our honeymoon, and knew the perfect resorts for our 2 weeks in Jamaica. She even provided us with pictures and reviews from her previous clients that had been to those resorts, so we could see exactly what to expect. Not only did Nancy choose the perfect matches for us, she saved us over a thousand dollars and made the trip the most stress-free and incredible honeymoon a bride could ask for!...which was exactly what I needed after 15 months of wedding planning. I look forward to all of the future vacations I will get to take w/my new husband, and now that I've found her, I will never plan another trip without Nancy Finn!

    • Telicia & Russell
      Wedding at Couples Swept Away

      I was completely clueless about how to plan an organize a destination wedding. We had about five months to schedule and plan and sixteen guests coming with us. I visited some websites.. Several people commented about a travel agent by the name of Nancy Finn, so I decided to give her a call. I'm so glad I did! She knew everything about Couples Swept Away. She was able to get the wedding coordinator to respond to my emails, she organized group outings, and was instrumental in reducing my wedding planning panic! She told me not to worry many times, but of course I did anyway, but I shouldn't have. Everything turned out perfectly and we had the best wedding...the best day of our lives. Thanks Nanc. I will most certainly work with Nancy again in the future.

    • Caohien & Endren
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      Nancy was absolutely wonderful to work with. She made our honeymoon planning so simple. Nancy was very informative and quick to answer any questions we had- an expert at what she does. Anything we asked her to do, it was done within a day. We chose Couples Swept Away for our honeymoon. It was one of the best decisions we made. We had an awesome time. Our beachfront room was great and couldn't ask for a better location. Food was excellent. There were plenty of activities to do at the resort. We stayed there for 7 days at not once were we bored or hungry. Best vacation ever!! We can't wait to go back! We will definitely work with Nancy in the future!!

    • Shannon
      Wedding at Sandals Montego Bay

      We always knew we wanted to do a destination wedding, but I had no idea of where to start. I was referred to Nancy Finn from a friend-of-a-friend, who just raved and had only wonderful things to say about Nancy. My now-husband and I met with Nancy and her husband, Tom, and they were so helpful in helping us decide where the best place for us would be based on our personalities and what we enjoy. We had never traveled to Jamaica before, so it was extremely helpful and reassuring having someone with first-hand knowledge of ALL the resorts, and who didn't mind taking the time with us to answer our 101 questions. Our wedding and honeymoon in Montego Bay was great and we are appreciative of Nancy's services. I can't tell you how many times I emailed Nancy with various questions and she always had a timely response. Nancy knows her stuff, and has a gift for working with people - especially destination brides! - and I can't wait for our next Caribbean vacation!

    • Sandy, mother of the bride
      Wedding at Couples Negril

      Some of the words needed to explain our Island Getaways/Couples Negril experience. Twenty-eight of us were in Jamaica for our daughter's dream wedding! Nancy & Tom Finn planned the adventure & Rasheda & staff executed that plan. I was so nervous imagining a destination wedding being planned in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Nancy kept re-assuring me that "all will be grand". How right she was; from our start @ the Chicago Ramada to our touchdown back in Chicago 6 days later. The accommodations @ Couples Negril were breathtaking & the staff @ the resort followed through with all of Nancy's recommendations. Island Getaways arranged the catarmaran trip, the golf outing & thee fantastic DREAM wedding day & private beach dinner. (not to mention the mother-of-the-bride's entire worry-free trip). When dealing with Nancy & Tom, please, please, please, have faith & believe in what they say. They will take care of everything. Their itineraries arrive & be assured that all will be correct. Before you depart you are given names of staff that you may need to contact if something goes wrong. (also, the Finns are only a phone call away) You will not need these names & numbers. I just can not say enough about our Island Getaways experience. Many in our group are looking forward to planning additional "island" trips with Nancy. Trust Nancy & Tom - they are passionate & professional. Believe in them & your "island getaways" adventure will be stress-free & glorious!

    • Ali & David
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      I just wanted to tell you how fabulous our honeymoon was. The room was PERFECT. We had a great view, and it was a great location. We absolutely loved our room. The resort was great, I can't say enough things about how nice it is. We tried all of the restaurants, my favorite was Lemongrass, and David loved Feathers. We used the Hobie Cats almost everyday, and we loved the glass-bottom boat rides, and snorkeling, and we loved that all of that was included in what we had already paid. One of our most favorite things was the Piano Bar. We had a great time every night singing along with everyone - it was usually the same crowd there, so we got to know some people. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had, and I did not want to leave. We hope that we can go back one day, but David tells me that next time I won't know when we go, and that it will be a surprise. We really appreciate all of your help. Your expertise were great in helping us choose a location, and your services were always fantastic. You are by far one of the best services that we chose in the wedding planning process, and I have passed your name along to some of my newly engaged friends. Thank you so much, and I hope that David calls you soon to plan our next venture down there!

    • Clay
      Vacations in the Caribbean

      I have been working with Nancy Finn as my exclusive travel agent for Caribbean vacations for the past four years. Nancy has arranged 9 separate vacations, not only for us as a couple, but for my family, including my 2 daughters ages 10 and 12, as well. As a busy professional, taking time away from work is expensive. Spending additional available working hours before departure attending to details, "dotting I's and crossing T's" only raises the cost of the vacation and decreases the potential enjoyment that I gain from time away from work. On every vacation, Nancy has been spot-on in her ability to attend to these details, and relieve me of much of the pre-departure detail work necessary to have a good vacation. Her choice in resorts is excellent, her attention to the customer is way beyond any other agency that I have ever worked with, and her sense of satisfaction in a job well done is notable. I have been traveling to the Caribbean since 1995, I have used various agencies early on, but I will never use anyone other than Nancy in the future. In a time when travel has become common place, Nancy's skills and approach to travel projects harkens back to a time when customer service and customer satisfaction were the primary goal of travel agents. She is a rare find in today's Internet oriented travel environment. I would be happy to discuss these experiences with you, please do not hesitate to contact Nancy for my e-mail address and we can begin open communication regarding same.

    • Nia & Matt
      Honeymoon at Couples Negril

      Selecting Island Getaways was such a great decision. I asked for help on the Honeymoon boards and quite a few of the girls quickly responded with Nancy's name. I sent an email to Nancy and she responded within minutes. She worked with my husband and I through every detail. She helped us choose the best location for our budget and was very accommodating. She even suggested delaying our trip so that we could be there for the big Couples Resorts anniversary party. That was a GREAT suggestion. Nancy was even planning on being there for the party. She made it a point to meet us and was very pleasant. Not only was there a big anniversary party at Couples Negril, but Nancy had arranged for us to be at the anniversary party of Couples Swept Away on Friday night. She invited us to have dinner with her and her husband and introduced us to a lot of people there, including the owner of Couples Resorts. He was also very nice. When we arrived our first surprise was our upgraded room. We had a Garden Suite initially. Upon arrival we learned we were upgraded to a Beachfront Suite. It was GORGEOUS. When Nancy arrived and wanted to call and say hello, she had trouble finding us. There was confusion with our name and room. Nancy went out of her way to make sure we were okay and had checked in. It showed she really cared about us and our well being. I look forward to planning our next trip with Nancy.

    • Kristina
      Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away

      I heard of Nancy from several other brides raving about her and I am so glad I found her. My honeymoon was perfect. My husband and I spent 8 wonderful nights at Couples Swept Away in Jamaica. This was our first time traveling out of the USA. Nancy took all the stress out of planning our honeymoon. She went above and beyond the call of a travel agent. I knew I found a keeper when, I called at 10 at night to leave a message, she answered and I booked my honeymoon then. Things only got better. I had so many questions about the resort, food, flying, etc., I emailed her so many silly questions ,and she emailed me back all the time, informing me and reassuring me. Nancy knew the property, and the people, and I see why she recommended swept away. We were torn between swept away and Ocho Rios, and we told her what we were interested in, and she then recommended what she thought we would like. She had us email her when we got there, to make sure everything was okay, gave us some names in case something came up and gave me her cell, so I could contact her at all times. Everything was great, and I didn't need to contact her ,but it was nice to know someone was there. She even called a few days after we got home to see how the trip was. I would highly recommend Nancy and couples swept away!!

    • Diane & Tom
      Vacation at Couples Swept Away

      We recently went to Swept Away and we were very impressed with the resort, the staff, the restaurants and people who put it all together for us; Tom and Nancy Finn. Just to give you an idea of the reputation Island Getaways has at Swept Away--We were put in the beach verandah suite and had requested a second floor beachfront suite. We were told a second floor suite was not available. I mentioned Nancy's name and wouldn't you know it....we were in a second floor beachfront suite! It was a beautiful room that you could not help but enjoy. Even at the airport, a gentleman who was taking our luggage to the Interlink Plane said "Tom and Nancy are my friends". We were treated wonderfully. I would love to go back to Swept Away and I will definitely call Tom and Nancy to arrange everything for us. Thank you Tom and Nancy for everything.

    • Rijalynne & Greg
      Wedding at Sandals Negril

      We want you to know that we not only feel our wedding in Negril is good hands but that our travels from here on out (our entire future) will be made exclusively with you. Please feel free to add this to the huge stack of compliments you have received and share them with anyone who is looking for your services. Rijalynne and I will be glad to talk with anyone in person to back the fine professionalism you have shown to us. Thank you for allowing us to focus more on us. Not that we are the worrying type but I know from the vast amount of information you have provided that there will truly be "no worries". We look forward to meeting with you soon and finish on all the remaining details.

    • Kerry

      My wedding was schedule for this weekend in Cancun, Mexico, but due to Hurricane Wilma our plan and dreams were demolished…well at least I thought. All I can say is thank goodness for Island Getaways. Nancy and Tom are my guardian angels! They were the ones I booked my trip through. If it were not for them I would not have been informed (min to min) on what was going on in Mexico and more importantly what my options were. I would have been going psycho if I did not know if our plane was going to be taking off or if it was going be canceled. They kept me informed almost hourly. They were there for me professionally and personally. I was a wreck and they got me through it. They were able to rebook our trip right away. After going over ton of different options, the pros and cons, pricing and so on (they spent hours with me) we finally made a decision to rebook the trip to Jamaica. I am so happy and blessed. I am getting more than I ever expected. They worked with me under pressure and always kept my spirits high. I cannot say enough good things about Nancy and Tom at Island Getaways. So if anyone is looking the a travel agent for a destination wedding or honeymoon….look them up.

    • Cyndy & Jon
      Vacation at Couples Swept Away

      We visited Couples Swept Away in December 2007 for the first time and had an incredible vacation!  Over half of the couples there were "repeaters" who have been there multiple times. After spending ten relaxing and fun-filled days there, we can understand why. We heard about Nancy Finn of Island Getaways on TripAdvisor. Someone recommended her saying she has been there about fifty times and is known as "Ms Swept Away". She definitely earned her title working with us! We had never been to Jamaica or to a Couples resort before, so we did lots of research on which resort to stay at, which room to get, which week to go, etc. Nancy was incredibly patient with us in answering all of our questions and addressing all of our concerns and unique requests.  All the advice she gave us was right on the money!  We will definitely be lifelong customers of hers. As we were about to fly out, we learned of severe weather problems at our connecting airport. We called her in a panic and she gave us great advice and encouraged us to call her cell phone on the Saturday we were traveling if we needed anything.
      The travel ended up going well and we arrived at Couples Swept Away safely and on time.
      Just prior to our arrival, Nancy called the resort and used her connections to make sure they had the perfect room for us. As we requested, it was facing the ocean with a balcony, and it was also in a great location of the resort. It was a beautiful room with a very comfortable bed and was much nicer than rooms we've had at other beach resorts. The resort landscaping was beautiful and the food was terrific, with several different restaurants and types of cuisine to choose from. The sports facilities were the best we have seen at any resort.  The open air gym was fully stocked with machines, the lap pool was excellent and the ten tennis courts (half clay) were great.  They even had racquetball and squash courts.  We took private one hour individual tennis lessons that really helped our game.  We were amazed that they were all included in the price of the trip. The beach and ocean were very beautiful and relaxing.  We went water skiing, jet skiing, took a catamaran cruise, played beach volleyball and had some quality hammock time. We also visited Rick's Café nearby and had a great time watching people dive off their cliff into the ocean at sunset. We met lots of fun people from all over the country and made some good friends who we spent time with at the resort, including having dinners together and spending time at the piano bar and dance floor. The service was great and all the staff was very friendly and helpful.  They made sure we were always happy and taken well care of. We had a wonderful time at Couples Swept Away and look forward to returning, always with the help of Nancy Finn!

  • St.Lucia

    • Sue & Mark
      Anniversary at Sandals Grande

      We wanted to go on a very special trip for our 20th wedding anniversary so we contacted Nancy to help us out. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the service we received. Our numerous questions were answered happily and quickly and she always treated us like we were her only client. She arranged everything, including lodging at the airport before our departure. The moment we arrived at the Grande we were treated as VIPs. The concierge staff quickly got us to our lagoon swim up room and helped us with anything we asked for during our stay, always with a smile. The food and wait staff was wonderful. We were so spoiled by everyone that we hated to come home. Nancy and the Grande provided us with the romantic, relaxing vacation we had hoped for and so much more. Her knowledge of St. Lucia and relationship with the staff of the Grande made our trip one we will never forget! We recommend her to all who ask about our trip and we are already working with her on our next one.

    • Lara & Ansel
      Honeymoon at Sandals Grande

      Ansel and I cannot thank you enough for planning our fabulous, most wonderful honeymoon! It was absolutely amazing and we had THE BEST TIME. Thank you so much for coordinating everything, it all worked out more perfect than we could have planned! We loved our upgraded rooms and champagne at each resort! Very much appreciated. What an amazing island! We could never have had this experience without you and your "right on" recommendations. We enjoyed staying at both ends of the island and having 2 completely different experiences. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.

      Cheers, Ansel & Lara

    • Kara & Nathan
      Honeymoon at Sandals La Toc

      My husband and I just got back from our amazing honeymoon in St Lucia. This honeymoon would not have been what it was if it wasn't for Nancy Finn at Island Getaways. I was a little apprehensive on using a travel agent based on the fact that I have never used one before and of course reading some scary reviews on travel agents (not referring to myislandgetaway agents). All my apprehensions were laid at rest as soon as I had my first conversation with Nancy. I want to first say that talking with Nancy was like talking to a new friend right off the bat. She was so great and personable. She asked questions about me and my husband and things we liked and enjoyed. You could really tell she cared about us as her clients and wanted to get us the best possible honeymoon based on our likes and interests.

      It took about a week to find and decide on a resort, room, and travel dates. During that week we conversed with Nancy and her husband a number of times. There were a few complications on quoting us a price that was higher than what I was finding elsewhere, but they stay determined to figure the problem and they did. They ended up finding us a price way lower than what I was finding. We only had to put down a small deposit to hold our reservations and the reservations were made immediately.

      We stayed at Sandal La Toc at the recommendation of some friends and Nancy was very positive and encouraging that this was the right place for us. We absolutely loved it! I will keep this part short. We absolutely loved the privacy and intimacy of the beautiful clean beach access. The rooms was gorgeous and had a wonderful view of the pool, beach and beautiful landscaping. The staff was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed the activities they planned at night for the guests. Although the food came in small portions it was delicious and you could order as much as you wanted since it was inclusive and it had lots of different types of restaurants to chose from onsite. The bar drinks were delicious and yummy, I even got my husband who is a strictly whiskey drinker to drink some yummy beach drinks. We golfed one day and the course was ablosutely beautiful! The caddy that was provided to us was great! He really knew his stuff and helped my husband play the best game of his life. We loved that the resort had an excursions desk that had everything the island had to offer! We were just blown away and had an amaing time!

      Not having to deal with doing all the booking for the flights, rooms, transportation yourself was just so stress free. I have already referred many of my friends and family to We cannot wait to travel again and use my new friends services!

    • Maureen & David
      Wedding at Sandals Grande

      Maureen and I would like to Thank You for helping us with our beautiful Sandals Wedding Moon We appreciate all your efforts to help make our time a wonderful experience . From the time we arrived, our excellent room location to our wedding planner and our concierge service we felt special. Our Wedding and Honeymoon will be something to remember the rest of our lives. Please compliment Shaunna our pre wedding planner on helping us select the perfect package. Also please let the Grande Gm know of our excellent wedding planner Jenna, our perfect server Chastity, and our fun and professional photographer Julianna. (Awesome pictures) And Thanks for the special treat in our room from you. We would also like to thank Shamaine Tench the Concierge Manager for a special Monday night. Thank You Again, David and Maureen

    • Cody and Regina

      We just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all of your help and your suggestions. We had a fabulous honeymoon and cannot wait to go back in a few years. Everything you told us was exactly the truth and was so helpful. It was so nice of you to give us key contact names for the resort in case we had any problems which of course we didn't!

      We are so lucky that we were referred to you and have continued to pass along your name to all our friends so they can have a great experience when planning this exciting time in their lives. Thank you for being so patient with us and always available when we had questions! Nancy, you took care of everything for us and we never had to worry about anything. You are so knowledgeable about all the resorts we were considering and were able to work out something perfect just for us! St. Lucia was beautiful and its something we thought we would only see in pictures and calendars! Thank you Nancy for the wonderful suggestions of activities to do there. We actually did the jeep safari tour and were able to go to a drive through volcano, take a mud bath, go to a hidden waterfall and enjoy some of the authentic St. Lucian food. We have a ton of pictures and memories that we will never forget! I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy! We will definitely be using you in the future!

    • Christin and Ryan
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency
      photo of Christin and Ryan

      Here are some pictures of us during our honeymoon. Thank you so much for working with us and we could not have had this amazing time without you. Everything from beginning to end was amazing and it was truly the perfect honeymoon. Thank you for all the VIP service and insider tips to making our vacation so special. The hotel upgrade was incredible and we very much appreciated the amazing suite right next to the waves :) I certainly will recommend you to everyone that I know and we plan on using you for all our Caribbean vacations in the future. Thank you for everything!

    • Allison and Dale
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency
      photo of Allison and Dale

      Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was absolutely amazing and we could not have been happier with the service and advice that Nancy provided us with. From the initial conversations about finding the best island fit for us to the last minute details about flight information; Nancy was always available to speak with. She was very patient to work with and demonstrated a wide knowledge base of the island and was able to provide us with detailed information about the island as well as Sandals Regency where we stayed at. Additionally, e-mails were answered promptly and phone calls were returned quickly. A VIP letter was written on our behalf which ensured us the best possible room location and she was able to get us additional points for when we stay at Sandals again in the future. Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful with picturesque views, many food options and friendly staff. We would love to go back to St. Lucia or try a different island and I am confident that Nancy will be able to guide us in the right direction! Thanks again for helping us plan an absolutely perfect honeymoon!!

    • Danielle and Jason
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency
      photo of Danielle and Jason

      My husband and I recently took our honeymoon and stayed at the Regency St. Lucia Hotel.  It was amazing!  We were in paradise!  We booked our honeymoon at that I found through great reviews on a wedding website.  Nancy Finn (the owner) is fabulous!!  She is so quick to answer all of the questions that I have (she even answers my emails at 10pm and on the weekends!!), and never makes me feel like I am bothering's like I'm her only client (which I know is not the case because she is one of the top Sandals sellers).  We've already booked our next trip through her because I have so much faith in her opinions and expertise.  They don't charge anything extra than the Sandals site, and she has so much knowledge about all of the Sandals resorts that she helped guide us to the right resort for our wants and needs.  She was also able to use her connections to get us upgraded to a Honeymoon Suite with our own pool!!  It was so unique, fun, and a great treat!!  Thank you Nancy and My Island Getaways!!  Looking forward to a lifetime of fabulous trips!

    • Dawn and Giancarlo
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency and Ladera
      photo of Dawn and Giancarlo

      As my fiancé and I were planning our dream wedding, we realized one thing...we did not have enough time and energy to research the best place at the best value for our honeymoon.  We had heard about Nancy Finn and Island Getaways from my older sisters, so we made the call and were delighted.  Nancy and company listened to our needs and wants and helped us find the honeymoon that we were looking for.  This experience was by far the easiest of all wedding planning and organizing.  We pretty much just needed to print the documents, sign the papers, hand over a credit card and we were on our way to a wonderful honeymoon in Saint Lucia for ten perfect and enjoyable days.

      Saint Lucia is a gorgeous island with friendly and helpful people.  Although the island is full of tourist, we never felt treated like a tourist or outsider.  Our time at Ladera was magical, restful and rejuvenating.  We loved every aspect from the plunge pools in our room to the gourmet meals to the spa services.  Everything was exactly what we hoped for and more.  We felt like royalty.
      Our Butlers were great, trying to add romance to the week, by drawing bubble baths with rose petals, fun animal shaped towels, bringing a local lunch to our room (swordfish and green figs- delightful). We loved our excursions- Tour of the Sulfur Springs, Diamond Waterfalls and the Botanical Gardens. Day trips were brilliant- Horse Back Riding along the Atlantic Coast with Atlantic Shores (best time), Zip Lining in the Rain Forest, Black Sand beach. We loved our honeymoon and our time away.  Thanks for everything...we will be in touch with photos and planning for another trip soon.  My husband and I are looking forward to working with Island Getaways for our next adventure and we look forward to returning to Saint Lucia one day.

    • Lisa and Ferdenand
      Honeymoon at Ti Kaye and Sandals Grande
      photo of Christine and Eric

      I contacted Nancy about 10 months before the honeymoon, after hearing great things about her on the knot. From the start, Nancy was extremely helpful and always a joy to talk to. She was always very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Nancy is a St. Lucia pro so she had tons of tips and hints for us. I called her twice during the honeymoon and she took care of us right away. Our honeymoon was wonderful- Ti Kaye was relaxing and Sandals Grande was luxurious and fun. Even though Nancy has a ton of clients, she treats you like you’re the only one. Even though Nancy is located in Wisconsin and I live in Florida, that did not cause any problems. I only wish she was local so I could give her a big hug and thank her for helping us to have the honeymoon of our dreams!

    • Christine & Eric
      Honeymoon at Sandals Grande & Ladera
      photo of Christine and Eric

      If you are searching for a travel agent for your next getaway, look no further. Nancy Finn is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and is always there to answer your questions. I first contacted Nancy when I was planning my honeymoon to St. Lucia. Nancy told us the pros and cons of several resorts on the island. My husband and I decided to stay at Sandals Grande for the first half of the trip, and Ladera for the second half. Those turned out to be the best decisions we have ever made. Both resorts exceeded our expectations. The views were out of this world! Nancy suggested room categories that were not only in our price range, but were absolutely perfect rooms. We were thrilled when we received some extras and upgrades which Nancy provided us with. I would highly recommend Nancy Finn as a travel agent to any of my closest friends and family members. Thank you for helping us plan our dream honeymoon. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!

    • Lauren and Rich
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency

      The room and view were breathtaking (Romeo and Juliet Penthouse) and our butlers (Benedict and Allain) were wonderful young men.  They took care of all our scheduling needs and were available instantly whenever we needed them. I could write for hours about our stay at the Regency but instead I’ll note them here, and if you copy and paste the link below into your browser you can click through the album I posted on myspace.  We did a couples spa package, Soufriere adventure cruise, horseback riding tour and helicopter ride from the airport on our day of arrival.  We were amazed at the size and breath of the Pitons and the beauty of the island.  The weather was brilliant, it rained once for about a ½ hour….  The food was tremendous, especially Gordon’s on the Pier. What ambiance. Our reservation that evening was around 7:00, a remarkable dining experience. They were serving tuna sashimi appetizers and a crab chowder that was truly memorable. Our last evening Benedict and Allain prepared and served us a candlelit dinner on our balcony. Unbelievable. Bottles of champagne and wine, all to island music from a compilation CD they made and subsequently gave to us. Fresh flowers, candles, the waves in the background. We have never been so touched and humbled. The level of service and attention was astounding. Which brings me to my other reason for writing. Working with you and your husband has also been a great experience.  We were impressed with your attention to detail, flexibility, advice and counsel. You helped Lauren and I do things we likely never would have done otherwise. Know that we will never forget the time we had on St. Lucia, and you two will always be linked with it.Your pride and caring in your work is readily apparent, and a tribute to your character.Thank you, for all your effort.

    • Melanie & Tim
      Honeymoon and Sandals Regency

      Our honeymoon at the Sandals Regency St. Lucia was great. Nancy & Tom thanks for helping us out planning our honeymoon. When we arrived at Sandals Regency St. Lucia we were greeted by the Nancy's favorite butlers which was a new experience for both of us we never had this experience before with having butlers it was great and relaxing. The butlers set up reservations for us at the restaurants before we arrived. When we arrived we also found out that Nancy was able to upgrade us from Romeo and Juliet Sunset Oceanview One Bedroom Luxury Suite on 1st and 2nd floors to the 4th floor with great views of the ocean and sunsets this was a great surprise. We went to the restaurants at the Regency and the Grande and they were all vary good. We also did some tours which we had a lot of fun on it was a great way to see what St. Lucia is about and we still didn't get to do some of tours that we wanted to do so I'm sure we will be back again soon.

    • Danielle & Lennel
      Honeymoon at Ti Kaye Village

      Words cannot express how truly thankful we are that we decided to book with Island Getaways. We had the best time of our lives at Ti Kaye Village in St. Lucia. Nancy did an amazing job organizing our honeymoon. After a stressful year planning the wedding we decided to let Nancy handle our honeymoon details. Not only was she available all the time by telephone or email, she also was super nice and helpful throughout the entire process. Nancy even made sure that we got the best cottage at Ti Kaye. And it was truly the BEST!! She even made a point to check in with us when we returned from St. Lucia. My husband and I can't wait to return to Ti Kaye and when we do we'll definitely be using Nancy.

    • Erin & Chris
      Honeymoon at Sandals Regency

      Our St. Lucian honeymoon was amazing thanks to Island Getaways! Our original plan was to split our time between the Sandals Regency and the Ti Kaye Village. However, we loved Sandals so much that we only stayed at the Ti Kaye for one night. The Ti Kaye was a beautiful resort with incredible views, but it just wasn't for us. My husband enjoyed socializing at the pool while playing a game of volleyball at Sandals, which just doesn't happen at Ti Kaye. The staff at Sandals were so wonderful and accommodating. We were given an even better room the second time around! I wouldn't go to St. Lucia unless Nancy is your travel agent. I can't wait to plan our next trip.

    • Jessica & Ben
      Honeymoon at Ladera/Sandals Regency

      Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so perfect and unforgettable! We went to Ladera and Sandals Regency during the week of August 13-20, 2007. What an amazing time! Ladera Resort was paradise for us after months of stressful wedding planning. The view from our room was breathtaking, and the restaurant, Dasheen, was excellent. The staff really took care of us the whole time we were there. We really appreciated the wine and massages that we received. After three nights at Ladera, we headed over to Sandals Regency, which was very different from Ladera, but different in a good way. Our room was awesome! We've never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before, so it was really a treat for us. We loved everything about Sandals! We decided to contact Island Getaways after doing extensive research on the internet about travel agents. Best decision ever! Nancy walked us through the whole planning process, offered great suggestions, and was always available if we had any questions. We will definitely be using Island Getaways again for our future trips!

    • Autumn & Robert
      Honeymoon at Ladera/Sandals Grande

      My now husband and I went to St Lucia for our honeymoon and stayed at Ladera and Sandals Grande. We booked our vacation from the infamous Nancy at Island Getaways. From all the recommendations on The Knot, I called her when my local travel agent started bugging me over and over to book even though at the time I was just researching locations. She was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about St Lucia, how could I not book with her? She's been there over twenty-some times. She researched flights, hotels, gave me suggestions and gave me back a price that was comparable to anything else I looked up on my own and through the other agent. She gave us names of people at these resorts in case we had trouble. She gave us excursion and restaurant recommendations as well. After paying for the smallest, cheapest room at Ladera, we ended up getting an upgrade to one of the largest rooms at the resort. Our jaws dropped when we saw it. All in all her enthusiasm and interest made me sure that she was the right travel agent for us. To this day, she's still in contact with me on how the trip went interested in seeing pictures. I'd recommend Island Getaways to all of you and in the future will use her for another trip.

    • Kelly & Ryan

      Thank you so much for all your help organizing our honeymoon. You made every step of the process so easy and pain free. We had so much fun! Everything from the Helicopter ride, the excursions, the massages, to the resort was superb. We especially appreciate all your expertise in helping us make the most out of our stay. We were so happy we went with the upgraded rooms you recommended and thoroughly enjoyed having the 24hr butler service. We are looking forward to working with you again to plan our next vacation and have already recommended you to some of our friends for your honeymoon. 

    • Ashley & James
      Honeymoon at Ti Kaye

      My husband and I returned from our honeymoon in Ti Kaye (St.Lucia) and had the most incredible time...thanks to Nancy! I learned about Nancy and her travel agency through a referral. I made one phone call and found her to be extremely helpful with understanding not only our honeymoon options but very knowledgeable about St. Lucia. Not once did I ever feel pressured to choose 1 resort or location over another. She truly wanted to find the "right" location for us. We chose Ti Kaye and are so glad we did. Although we had a slight hiccup in booking the room we really wanted at the resort (not Nancy's fault but a miscommunication between the resort and the booking agency), Nancy was able to negotiate on our behalf for something very comparable. In the end when we arrived at the resort, we did get the room we really had hoped for (upgraded for free). Nancy had spoken with the manager prior to our arrival on one of her visits to St. Lucia. She truly is 100% professional and I am so glad we booked through her. While I did 100% of the wedding planning, this was one detail I really didn't have to worry about. We look forward to working with her again in the future! Thanks Nancy for making our honeymoon the best ever! It was all that we had hoped it would be and much, much more!

    • Jill
      Wedding at Sandals Grande/Ladera

      Let me begin by saying, I can't thank you enough. This was a dream vacation/wedding/honeymoon, to say the least. I wouldn't have changed a thing. The people at both places were absolutely wonderful. When we arrived at Sandals, they pulled us aside to tell us that we had received a complimentary upgrade to the concierge room. It was a nice quiet view in a very nice room, with 24 hour room service and an in-room bar! We had a fabulous time. The weather was good, too. It did rain almost everyday, but never for very long and it helped to cool things down. And we both agreed that the Grande was the right choice, hands down. After spending a week at sandals, we thought we were pretty spoiled. . . and then we got to Ladera! When they took us to our room and opened the door, I thought I was going to pass out. They upgraded us to a 2 1/2 floor villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and an almost full-size pool!!!! When you walked into the room it was like going into an omnimax theatre: it looked unbelievably real, but felt too amazing to be real! We had lots of geckos and tree frogs in our room, and got such a kick out of it. The finches would even come in and sit on the sofa with us. Very cute. The helicopter ride was wonderful, too. Unfortunately it rained for most of the trip, and it was more of a direct commute than a sight seeing trip. but it was still amazing. The wedding was magical. The ceremony was scheduled for 4:00. Unfortunately, by noon, it had started to rain. By 12;30 it was pouring. And there was no end in sight. I was having my hair done at 2:30 and it was raining so hard I couldn't hear anything the hairdresser said! This continued until around 3:40. At this point the sun came out, the rain went away, and we had a georgous sunset!!! Everyone at Ladera was wonderful, even guests. Rosemary was a sweetheart and went above and beyond the call of duty. Caroline helped me get dressed and took care of everything, for me! After the wedding, one of the girls snuck into the room and left fresh flower petals all over the bed for us!! It was really a dream wedding. If I had it to do over, I'd do exactly the same thing. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it all was. Thank you so much for everything you did, from day one on. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

    • Pete
      Vacation at Sandals St. Regency

      All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!! I guess you are never too old to learn something new. I used to book all my trips over the internet because I didn't feel that a travel agent added any value. I was WRONG!! I guess it just meant that I was dealing with the wrong agent. The trip to Sandal's Regency St. Lucia was unbelievable. The concierge level room and separate check in area was stress free. The mention of your name and Island Getaways was an immediate ticket to a service level that I have never experienced before in the Caribbean. The complimentary room upgrade that you negotiated for us was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated. It took me a little while to adjust to the phone calls checking up on us and making sure that everything was too our liking. It didn't cost me a nickel more to book with you, yet I felt like a visiting dignitary because of all the attention that we received. I have never met the general manager of a hotel. On this trip, I met at different times, the three top managers of this Sandals. How do you do this? You are total professionals and your contacts make you a virtual embassy in a foreign land. You have a convert for life.

  • Bahamas

    • Abby and Kevin
      Honeymoon at Sandals Emerald Bay

      First of all I want to thank you for referring sandals emerald bay to me. We absolutely loved it there! Everyone was so nice and helpful the entire time we were there. At one point my wife said to me "this doesn't seem real. I wonder if this is what Heaven is like." ad she is right, it didn't seem real. It took a few days to adjust to how being treated like royalty was normal. I truly can't say enough about how great our honeymoon was. My wife thanks me everyday for such a wonderful honeymoon, and everytime she thanks me I want to tell her, "thank Nancy." Without you I couldn't have done it. We were right in the middle of planning the wedding so you took alot of stress off of me by taking charge with the honeymoon plans. I can't thank you enough and also thank you for the great upgrade we so appreciate it. Our room was the best on the resort! I have attached a few photos that I wanted you to see. Hope you like them. We took over 300 and still don't think we took enough. Guess we will just have to go back. Can't wait!!

    • Porsche and Travis
      Wedding Sandals Royal Bahamian

      My wife and I had no idea what it took to have a destination wedding. With only six months to go we were stressing out, and asking everyone for advice. Luckily a co-worker of my wife has been through this before and referred us to our savior, Nancy.  From the moment we first made contact with her we were at ease. She made the whole process stress free and enjoyable. The staff knew everything about Sandals and when the wedding coordinator was not responding, one phone call to Island Getaways, and they got it done. They were always quick to respond to any request or questions we may have had. Thank you Nancy, and the island getaway staff, for making the happiest day of our life so stress free. Needless to say, we’re booking all our future trips through you from now on.

    • Mandie & Dallas
      Honeymoon at Sandals Royal Bahamian

      We just got back from our honeymoon to the Sandals Royal Bahamian. This trip was amazing, the food and the resort were fantastic. The employees at the resort are the kindest people and really go above and beyond to ensure that you have a great time, we are already talking about when we are going to go back to the Royal Bahamian. We work with Nancy Finn and thank goodness that we did. A few days before we were to leave for our honeymoon to Sandals Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Hurricane Dean was making his way right towards Jamaica. Nancy took action and was able to move our honeymoon to the Bahamas, not only was she able to move our destination she was also able to get us one of the best rooms at the resort...much nicer than what we originally booked and paid for. I honestly have to say that if we hadn't booked through Nancy, I'm not sure we ever would have had a honeymoon...and if we did it most certainly wouldn't have been right after the wedding as originally planned. Nancy is awesome and I can't thank her enough!!!

    • Chuck
      Vacation at Sandals Royal Bahamian

      I have just returned from the best vacation we have ever had and we owe it all the the extra efforts put forth on our behalf by our agent Nancy Finn. What a job she did for us. It all began by us being booked under some false information that was supplied to Nancy by Sandals. We booked what we thought was butler service in the Honeymoon Suite and they had changed and no longer offered butler service in these suites. So there we were we were paid in full waiting to go and then we get this news. I told Nancy we were not happy but that we would go anyhow. Most agents would have said OK and let that be the end of it. Not my Nancy. She wrote a minimum of 5 EMail messages to Stephen Ziadie The General Manager no less of Sandals Royal Bahamian. Nancy really didn't know what had happened until we returned this past Sunday. What happened was that Mr. Ziadie greeted us personally and apologized for the misunderstanding and notified us that we were going to receive and upgrade in our room assignment. We were put in a Suite and I do mean Suite Large Living Room with dining room attached nice bar and avery large bedroom with gigantic bathroom. The cost of this upgrade was over $1700 and we were not charged a penny more than we had already agreed to pay. Now hows that for an agent going to bat for her clients! We were greeted at the airport by a rollsroyce limo. Oh my what a ride , talk about feeling important. We had the limo to and from the resort. Our stay a the Royal Bahamain could not have been any better. This is a first class operation run by a first class individual named Stephen Ziade but it was all made possible by my super agent NANCY FINN. Thanks Nancy for a great vacation, I will never book with anyone else because I know that you deliver what you say you will. Can't wait for the Cancun Trip you planned for us and I can assure you we will be going back to the Royal Bahamian next year. Thanks Nancy and keep up the good work.

  • Turks & Caicos

    • The Adelmanns Family
      Family Vacation at Beaches Turks and Caicos

      They say the best advertisement a company can receive is word of mouth…I would have to agree. Our family learned about Island Getaways and Nancy Finn through my assistant at work.  I contacted Nancy mid May and explained what our family was looking for in a desperately needed get away and within days Nancy had travel information, pricing and flights booked for us to leave 2 weeks later. We could not believe how affordable she made our 10 day stay in the island of Turks and Caicos at the Beaches Resort. Nancy continued to be available, up to and into the trip, when we had questions or concerns and her service was always done with the highest degree of professionalism  I must share that when we told our 16 year old daughter that she was not going to be able to use her cell phone and could not text her friends she wasn’t overly thrilled with being gone for 10 days. Well it wasn’t 24 hours into the trip that she didn’t care, she was enjoying all of the events they had for her age group and was thankful she didn’t have to worry about where her phone was. We had such an enjoyable time and Nancy helped to make our much needed family vacation one that we will never forget! Thanks again for a Great Time!

  • Antigua

    • Lindsay & William
      Wedding & Honeymoon at Sandals Antigua

      Our wedding moon was perfect. Will and I had the best time, and so did our family. Thank you so much for taking such great care of us throughout the entire process. Will and I both would love to visit another Sandals in the future and would not work with anyone but you! We could not have done it without you and thank you for every little detail you handled for us. Thank you again so much!

    • Abby and Glen
      Vacation at Sandals Antigua

      As far as our trip. OUTSTANDING!!!! It was absolutely unbelievable as always. We really enjoyed the pool. That's where we spent most of our time and it definitely rivals EB's pool as one of the best we have been to. The food was great. We ate at OK Corral (twice), Kimonos, Marios, Barefoot numerous times, and of course the Select dinner. And I think you made dinner reservations for us before we got there? Thanks! And thank you for that good bottle of champagne you had in our room. We actually went on a private sunset cruise with a local with a boat and took it with us. The sunset out on that water was amazing!

      The only problem we had was every member of the staff was so outstanding, we could not remember one person that was better than the others. Really they did a great job!!!! It seemed like the employees, if you introduced yourself once, they all remembered your name. It was very impressive. I actually went up to the manager of the Med Village at the SSG dinner to tell him Abby and I were having a great time. He immediately asked me how my workout was like three days earlier. He must have seen me working out and remembered me. It showed me they really pay attention to what their guests are doing.

      We ended up going on two dives, which were great. The first one, we saw 4 sharks (one was almost 10 ft!), a tiger fish, some lobster, etc. They were great dives and the water sports staff was outstanding.

      Our room wasn't ready when we got in since it was early in the day and they showed us to the departure lounge. That worked out very well. And the room itself was exactly what we were looking for. It fit what we wanted perfectly.

      Overall, thank you so much for the recommendation. It is definitely a place we will end up going back to. We actually met a couple that we have already kept in contact with and are talking about possibly going to another Sandals together! (I have passed your info on to them)The guests at Antigua were great as well. There ended up being a lot of people (many returning guests) that we spent time with and will keep in touch with.

      Abby and I cannot wait to book our next Sandals trip! Thank you so much.

      Glen and Abby

    • Tricia and Greg
      Honeymoon at Sandals Antigua

      Discovering Nancy was an absolute miracle and we are so glad we worked with her to plan our honeymoon and cannot thank her enough for all she did. She was always on top of everything, from start to finish, and it was one less thing that we had to worry about with our wedding plans.  We initially thought we had our hearts set on going St. Lucia, but, then Nancy mentioned Antigua and after looking at the resort we fell in love with it and knew that is where we wanted to go. She was available day and night to answer questions and keep us updated on our many flight changes. We even had a flight cancelled and within a day we were rebooked in a better room (we originally booked in the Caribbean Grove but were able to upgrade to the Mediterranean Village) and flew out of a closer airport for the same price. When we arrived at the resort we found out that we received another room level upgrade and could not have been more thrilled.  Nancy answered all of our questions before we left and gave us key contacts at the resort in case we needed anything. She gave us tips on things to do, what to pack, and what to expect. Our 8 days in Antigua were absolute paradise and the perfect end to almost two years of wedding planning. The food was excellent, the staff was so friendly and accommodating, the views were breathtaking, and the trip was beyond relaxing.  One of the many highlights of the trip was our candlelight dinner on the beach.  It added such a romantic touch to the week and you could not ask for a better setting. There’s no doubt in my mind that we will be booking future trips through Nancy. She’s amazing to work with, makes things so easy, and created the honeymoon of our dreams. The advantages of working with Nancy are endless and we could not be more thankful!!  Thank you Nancy for everything….you are the best!

    • Maria and Craig
      Honeymoon at Sandals Antigua

      We found Nancy Finn after stumbling across several forum posts recommending her online. We pretty much knew where we wanted to go on our honeymoon, but had a lot of questions regarding the details and needed someone with the hands-on experience to answer them. This would be our first international trip, which could naturally be stressful to an inexperienced traveler. After talking quite extensively with Nancy, we knew we had made the right decision not only with the location of our honeymoon but also with the travel agent to help make it all happen smoothly. Nancy promptly answered all of our questions and provided valuable insight and suggestions regarding where to stay, what to see, and what to do. She sent several photos of the resort taken by herself and clients that gave a true picture of what we were about to experience. She informed us of the honeymoon benefits we were unknowingly eligible for. She provided us with the key contacts at the resort should we have any problems (our only problem was not wanting to return home). She informed the general manager that he had VIP's arriving. Upon arriving at the resort, we were immediately greeted by Donovan, the Director of Guest Services, who showed us to our room. No endless wait in the lobby like we had read online. Donovan followed up and checked on us to make sure we had everything we needed during our stay. As recommended by Nancy, we did the island catamaran tour, which was a lot of fun. Our honeymoon was completely stress-free and relaxing, as it should be, and we truly had the time of our lives. Thanks so much for hooking us up and making it a reality Nancy -- we will be in touch again for our next trip and would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat!

    • Jessica and JR
      Wedding at Sandals Grande Antigua

      Nancy, you helped me book my wedding at Sandal’s Grande Antigua Resort and Spa a few months ago. My husband and I were married on October 28, 2008. It couldn’t have happened without you. I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to email you. I meant to write sooner but unfortunately my father passed away shortly after we returned home from the honeymoon. Life has become a little overwhelming. But I have finally found a moment to share with you a very sincere Thank You from my husband and me. Like any trip, everything did not go exactly as planned. Actually, a lot didn’t go as planned. But the wedding day was absolutely beautiful. We were married in the gazebo that sits in front of the reflection pond. I know you have been to the resort and have seen just how beautiful that spot is. It was perfect. The bridal staff was excellent. They made our wedding day feel very special… even though it was only my husband and I there alone. The ceremony, the cake cutting, the first dance, and especially the photographs… everything about that day was perfect. I am so thankful to you that you suggested that resort. And I am even more thankful to you that you suggested to get married at 4:00 so that the pictures would be done at sunset I am attaching a few pictures for you to this email. I’m getting goose-bumps just thinking about that day. Really Nancy, you did a fantastic job for us. And I also wanted to thank you for the room upgrade. Our week in Antigua had a few snags in it… but walking into that room every night made all the difference. It was absolutely perfect. And the best part was that the view from our balcony looked right down on the gazebo where we were married. How perfect.

    • Laura and Adam
      Wedding at Sandals Antigua

      Working with Nancy Finn was a flawless experience. We worked with her for over a year to plan our wedding and honeymoon at Sandals Antigua. At every turn and every change, she was one step ahead of us. All our questions were answered, all our concerns addressed. Our trip came and went and we couldn't of asked for a better stay. Antigua isn't only a beautiful island, but it's full of friendly people. Our stay at Sandals was absolutely wonderful. From the moment we were greeted at the airport to the day we departed, Sandals exceeded our expectations.The beach was the perfect location for our wedding and the wedding staff made us feel like king and queen for the day.  Everything about our stay was fabulous! From our butler, the food, to the sheets on our bed - there isn't one complaint and we can not wait to go back! Nancy wasn't only helpful, but she was very personable - you can really tell she loves her job and all her clients. One of the many reasons we will book with her again!

    • Tara & Craig
      Honeymoon at Sandals Grande

      My husband and I just got back from a week at the Sandals Grande Antigua. We booked our vacation through Nancy Finn and she was just an incredible agent to work with. She was great at returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner, and she had answers to all of our questions. She knew a lot about all of the Sandals resorts, and was a great resource in planning our vacation. She was so pleasant to work with, and just made the planning process effortless! We knew we were in great hands. When we got to Sandals in Antigua we were ecstatic - Nancy had called her contacts at the resort in anticipation of our arrival there, and so they had upgraded our room several levels to a suite when we got there. We were so lucky to get to stay in the new Mediterranean Village part of the resort like we had asked Nancy about. The suite and resort as a whole were amazing, and we were treated wonderfully by all of the Sandals staff. The general manager at the resort even gave us his own personal congratulations on our wedding and treated us to a breakfast in bed one morning since we were there on our honeymoon. We had such a wonderful time, way beyond anything we could have expected for our honeymoon. We are so thankful that Nancy was able to help us plan such an amazing trip. We would highly recommend her to friends and family, and are already looking forward to planning our next vacation with her.

    • Jen & Dan
      Honeymoon at Sandals

      Nancy was recommended to us by the girls on the I called her and she worked with our budget and helped us choose a Sandals Resort. She raved about the Sandals Resort in Antigua and we were sold. Nancy took care of all the details of our honeymoon which was great since it was one less thing we had to worry about while we were planning for the wedding. Throughout the entire process she was available to answer questions by phone and email.
      When we arrived at the resort we were informed that we had been upgraded to a beach front room! The resort was great and the people were extremely nice. The island was beautiful and the beaches were amazing. We had such a great time and can't wait to plan our next trip using Island Getaways. We will definitely recommend Nancy to all our friends and family!

  • Mexico

    • Jamie & Michael
      Destination wedding at El Dorado Royale

      Our dream wedding turned into more than we could have ever imagined. We knew that we wanted a destination wedding, but wanted to be sure that it seemed as "real" as a wedding back home. We were blessed with 30 guests who joined us for the experience of a lifetime! Nancy at Island Getaways really helped make all of our dreams come true. Our entire experience at El Dorado Royale was absolutely incredible! Our wedding ceremony on the beach was perfect, more than we had dreamed of. Our private reception on the beach couldn't have been more "us" and more intimate for us and our guests. We were able to enjoy time with all of our guests as well as plenty of alone romantic time with just the two of us. I cannot explain how many times we turned to each other and said "wow, this really is perfect". We are so thankful for everything Island Getaways was able to put together for us as well as the amazing staff at El Dorado Royale. We definitely plan to return for our honeymoon!

    • Mu-Hsien & Eric
      Honeymoon Take "2" at El Dorado Casitas Royale

      Our five year anniversary sort of snuck up on us! And only about 3 weeks before the date it we decided to not only celebrate in style somewhere tropical and luxurious, but we wanted to make it honeymoon round two. To be honest we never really had a proper honeymoon, unless you consider our post wedding trip in Taiwan to meet my entire extended family a honeymoon.

      So 3 weeks before the departure with a good idea what we wanted, sexy, secluded and spectacular, but no clue what destination would deliver we realized we needed "professional help." This is when fate brought Nancy and us together...

      On top of matching us with a resort with the type of secluded vibe that we were looking for, she loaded us with upgrades. A casita with it's own infinity pool in the member's section by the most secluded beach area. Free upgrades of massages on the beach, dinner on the beach, wi-fi, all 24 hour room service, a personal concierge and all inclusive dining across the 10 restaurants and open bar beach service. After a flurry of 2 days, everything was booked via Nancy and all we needed to do was to show up for a 4 hour flight with car service to get to the Riviera Maya, Mexico. ~ Easy. Breezy.

    • KC & Matt
      Honeymoon at El Dorado Royale

      Originally, my husband I planned to delay our honeymoon. It was one more thing we just didn’t have time to plan. Then, about 3 weeks before our wedding (July 2009), we decided a stress-relieving honeymoon was EXACTLY what we needed! Not even knowing if it was possible or affordable to plan a honeymoon in that short amount of time, I reached out to Nancy on a friend’s recommendation. Nancy was phenomenal!!! She gave us several options within our budget- all personalized to fit what we were looking for in a honeymoon. We decided on El Dorado Royale (the top of Nancy’s list for us) and were thrilled with the choice! The resort was gorgeous! The service, lodging and food was outstanding. It truly was a special and amazing trip! We didn’t want to leave! Also, it’s worth noting that when I first reached out to Nancy, neither my husband nor I had passports. She walked us through getting them last-minute – what we needed, where we had to go, etc. In the stressful time-crunch of last-minute wedding planning, it was so nice to not have to worry about how I was going to get a passport! We will definitely use Nancy and Island Getaways again!

    • Chloe & Jeremy
      Wedding at Azul Sensatori

      Since the day I called Nancy and Tom I knew they would do everything possible to not only make sure our destination wedding was perfect, but also our honeymoon. My was call was filled with panic-how in the world was I going to choose the correct resort, make sure all of our guest arrived properly, make sure everything we wanted for our wedding would be there, AND be 100% positive every guest had the time of their lives. Within 10 minutes of my conversation with Tom, I was at ease. Our wedding and stay at Azul Sensatori was one that we will never forget. From the moment we arrived it was just simply amazing. Words cannot describe the wonderful time our guest and ourselves had while there. Without Nancy and Tom-none of this would have been possible. From the 10pm phone calls, to the thousands of e-mails, each and every one of my concerns or questions were answered in a timely manner. Our honeymoon at El Dorado Royale was excellent as well. Tom and Nancy took care of every last detail from booking our room to our transportation between Azul Sensatori and El Dorado Royale. We cannot thank Nancy and Tom enough for all of their hard work. There simply is NO ONE better!

    • Paige and Barr
      Honeymoon at Excellence Playa Mujures

      Nancy Finn and her staff at Island Getaways were absolutely phenomenal. They all went above and beyond to make sure that we had exactly what we wanted. Anytime we had a question, they had an answer--and usually that day. If they were not immediately reachable, they responded within a day either via email or phone. I feel like they bent over backwards for us for all of our concerns about traveling for our honeymoon. They worked VERY hard for us and never left us with a feeling of wanting more. It totally showed once we got to our destination and everything was taken care and as they said it would be--perfect! We always felt like we were taken care of, and we never once felt lost, confused, or anything but relaxed and stress-free. I cannot rave enough about Nancy and her crew. They will forever be our travel agents especially for sandy getaways. They truly went above and beyond all our expectations, and my wife and I could not be more pleased and impressed by their service and commitment.

    • Kristen and Ron
      Honeymoon at Excellence Playa Mujures

      Thank you sooooo much for convincing Kristen and I to stick to our original plan of going to the Excellence Playa Mujeres. I can't picture anywhere else comparing to it, especially for our honeymoon. You were absolutely right. There was nothing to worry about and we had the place practically to ourselves for the first few days. The service was phenomenal, the resort itself was first class all the way, and the grounds were georgeous. On top of it all you got us upgraded to the excellence club with the honeymoon package which is way better in reality than on paper. We never would have done that for ourselves, but thanks to you we were treated like royalty.  I've told all of our friends about you and you should expect some calls soon.

      We looked into booking a trip ourselves at first, then was referred to you by our friends, and after comparison your rates were significantly less for a better room and several add-ons. I don't know how you did it, but I'm glad you did.  We will be using you for all of our trips from now on. Thanks again, Kristen and I loved it!

    • Rebecca and Nicholas
      Wedding at El Dorado Royale

      When my daughter Becky and her fiancé Nick decided in October to have a destination wedding in January I was very excited but at the same time had so many questions and didn’t know how to begin planning a wedding out of the country. It was at 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday that I began investigating destination weddings and came across Island Getaways located in Brookfield. I decided to call the office and planned on leaving a voice message. Instead, the owner, Nancy Finn answered the phone and happily answered some of my questions. I knew at that moment Nancy was my main contact and now my travel agent. On Monday evening my daughter and I met with Nancy and her husband Tom and started to book flight to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Nancy recommended The El Dorado Royale resort for our stay, wedding and the honeymoon for Becky and Nick. By the end of the evening we had the beginning stages of the wedding started. On January 3, 2009, Becky and Nick had a fairy tale wedding on the beach. There were 23 of us and everything was perfect from the weather, service, decorations and gourmet food. We had the most wonderful time and the memories will last forever. Nancy and Tom from Island Getaways not only helped us begin this process but kept in touch with us throughout the entire planning stage. I can understand why Island Getaways have won all of the top awards for their profession. I would recommend Island Getaways to anyone who wants a beautiful destination wedding.

    • Kara and Adam
      Wedding at the El Dorado Seaside Suites

      Nancy- I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for everything you did to ensure my daughter and husband (Kara and Adam Paulson) would have the perfect Mexico wedding. Our stay in the Riviera Maya last week was beautiful, and the El dorado Seaside Suites Resort was just incredible. Our entire group was well taken care of, and the wedding ceremony was everything Kara had hoped for and more. Everyone had a wonderful time, and I will certainly go back for another stay Thank you again! -Vickie Hanson

    • Kara and Adam
      Wedding at the El Dorado Seaside Suites

      We absolutely want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us plan such a wonderful and unforgettable trip! The wedding was gorgeous -- everything I have dreamt of and more! I couldn't have asked for a better set of people to work with! You and your staff were more than accomodating and the flight and resort were just as great! Our 21 guests were so impressed with every detail of the trip! It's definitely something we will be talking about for years to come!

    • Kathy and Tommy
      Wedding at Excellence Playa de Mujeres

      Dear Nancy- We want to thank you for helping us book our wonderful honeymoon at Excellence Playa de Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. We learned that Excellence is a chain in other areas of Mexico and Dominican Republic. We have never stayed in an Excellence resort, but we are extremely happy that we did. Prior to our departure, I had read many things on Trip Advisor about the resort. While most of the reviews were good, there were a few bad ones, mainly people complaining that it was still a very new resort (less than one year) and that they had many kinks to iron out. Well we were completely satisfied with everything and even though they were open less than one year when we arrived, everyone worked extremely hard at making sure our stay was the best. Yes, our power went out a few times in our room on the first day because we had electrical problems, and yes, our shower head fell on us while in the shower (no injuries sustained)…but as soon as we notified them of the problem, they were immediately at work trying to make sure all of the problems were fixed. All of the staff was super courteous and respectful of our living space. While they were fixing some of the problems, they were very conscientious about making sure we were comfortable with them in our room. No one really came into the room until we specifically told them it was ok to come in. We made sure to lock our things in the safe provided as we had learned that they had a few thefts months back by an employee, but we did feel pretty safe in leaving our things in our room The room was absolutely gorgeous, from the king size bed, large plasma tv screen, Jacuzzi, dual sinks, and large shower. The welcoming and the honeymoon dinner night was very nice (2 huge swans on the bed, rose petals everywhere, and a bottle of champagne). The rooftop terrace was absolutely beautiful. We were very fortunate that we got one on the end of the building (room 7401-4th floor), so it was completely private and none of the adjoining rooms could see our roof because our roof was on the 5th floor. Other rooftops where the room and rooftop were both on the 4th floor, were more exposed to neighboring rooms so privacy would have been an issue, but we were very happy with what we got. We hardly wanted to leave the room because we had 24 hour room service and we could request whatever we wanted, so we had food, drinks, and a private pool, what more could we ask for! We only really did 2 excursions while we were there because the rest was total relaxation. We did a snorkeling tour that was half a day and that was really fun. We also traveled to the island, Isla de Mujeres, rented a golf cart and went around the island. We stopped at the Garrafon Park and went snorkeling there. Very fun, until of course we saw 2 6-foot barracudas swimming around us, which freaked us out a little bit! What more can I say about our trip? I don’t know because everything was absolutely great. The food was delicious and we were very happy that everything was a la carte, rather than buffet style. Quality of food tends to be compromised when it is all buffet, but here the food was always fresh and prepared the way you want it. The three best restaurants, were the Lobster House, the Grill (steakhouse), and Spice (Asian restaurant). It was wonderful to have unlimited lobster and shrimps. Looking back, our honeymoon was expensive and initially cost more than we wanted to spend. However, we kept saying, “It’s our honeymoon…once in a lifetime…let’s live it up.” Well we are very happy we did because it was one of our best experiences. Thank you again. -Kathy and Tommy

    • Sara and Scott
      Wedding at El Dorado Royale

      My husband and I got married at El Dorado Royale on February 2008. With 30 of our closest friends and family in attendance we exchanged vows in a small white chapel facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It was amazing day that we and our guest will next forget. Before meeting with Nancy I had done my own research on possible locations for our wedding. But with so many options to choose from it was wonderful having someone as knowledgeable as Nancy working on our side. We told her exactly what we had in mind and she highly recommend El Dorado Royale. Four months before our wedding my husband and I planned a trip to the resort to check everything out. We were not disappointed. The resort, food, staff and everything were amazing! We couldn't wait to bring all our friends and family there because we knew they would love the resort as well. Nancy took care of everything for us and our guest. She even hooked us up with our own individual Casita during our wedding stay plus she called us shortly after we arrived to see how everything was going. It put us at ease knowing she was only a phone call away. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back.... thanks Nancy for everything.

    • Veronica
      Wedding at Excellence Punta Cana

      We love Nancy! We just had a beautiful wedding in Excellence Punta Cana. Nancy was way more than I could've asked for. She was very helpful, always available, sweet, funny, and she made sure that we only had the best during our wedding/ honeymoon trip. She even got my friends a room upgrade! I will definitely continue to use Island Getaways for my future trips to the caribbean. We now have a travel agent for life. Gracias, Gracias, Gracias, it was a pleasure having you be part of the most important time of our lives.

    • Jessica and Nick
      Honeymoon at Excellence Playa Mujeres

      I just wanted to thank you for helping us plan an amazing honeymoon!  I'm so glad you convinced us to go to Excellence Playa Mujeres - everything was absolutely amazing and we couldn't have asked for it to go any better!  The grounds, the food, the drinks, the service - everything was great!  We were able to try every single restaurant and we had the best servers!!  Our rooftop suite was amazing and our trip could not have been more romantic with all of the little extra touches - champagne in the room, rose petals on our dinner tables and bed, bubble bath, everything!  Carlos did leave a voice message one day but did not leave a call back number, so we never met up with him, but I did meet up with a couple of girls and I think they all loved it too!  It was funny because we actually saw your Sandals Hummer parked at the Holiday Inn when we got back!! We were trying to think of something that went wrong or something that could have gone better, and seriously we couldn't think of anything - and Nick is picky because he works at a hotel!  I have already given your name to all my engaged friends and am refering EPM too! Nick and I are already thinking of a first anniversary trip and just know that you have a client for life - you really know your stuff (Nick kept saying that the whole trip!!) and we will call you anytime we can get away (hopefully sooner than later!)  I already have my eye out on that new Excellence in Jamaica whenever that is finished!

    • Stephanie & Matt
      Anniversary at El Dorado Royale

      My husband Matt and I just returned from our 3rd trip we have planned through Nancy. Working with Nancy has been such a dream. She always makes sure to listen to what we are looking for in our vacations and then makes her recommendations. Every vacation we have taken through her has been more unbelievable then the next. Nancy makes you feel like family and truly makes you feel that she has your best interest at heart. Working with her has made our vacations so much more relaxing. This past trip was to El Dorado Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya for our 5-yearanniversary. It was absolutely incredible. It was more amazing then we had expected. We loved our individual Casita, the property was beautiful and the staff that works there is extremely friendly and goes above and beyond to cater to you. Matt and I are anxious to start planning our next trip. Thanks for all the help and fond memories, Stephanie Barkin (Colrain).

    • Sara & Jon
      Wedding at El Dorado Royale

      Many brides I know say they are relieved when the wedding is over. They have been dealing with the stress of planning for months. I have to say, I feel the total opposite... I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Working with Nancy and Tom at Island Getaways made this possible. They are so knowlegdeable about the Caribbean and its resorts and helped us pick the perfect one for our group. They were there through the whole process from helping organize our guests to calming my nerves about having a wedding during hurricane season! We had such an amazing time... it was fun, it was relaxing, it was romantic... it was everything I hoped it would be! Thanks to Nancy and Tom for helping us create beautiful memories that we will cherish forever.

    • Janine & Matt
      Vacation at The Royal

      My husband & I just returned from a wonderful stay at "The Royal" in Cancun, Mexico. This hotel completely exceeded all of our expectations! We now know why they call it "The Royal," because you are literally treated like royalty there. The rooms, the service, the hotel itself, the beach, etc. are all just incredible......we have not even one complaint!! This was our second time using Island Getaways (the first time we stayed in Jamaica at Sandals Royal Caribbean for our honeymoon), and once again, we were beyond pleased! Now that I've worked with Nancy and Tom, I would never even consider not booking a trip without them! They go over and beyond to answer any questions you may have, and every detail of your trip is taken care of. We will keep referring our friends to Island Getaways. And we can't wait to work with Tom & Nancy again when we book our next vacation!!

    • Denille & Terry
      Honeymoon at El Dorado Royale

      Choosing Island Getaways as our travel agent for our honeymoon was by far our best choice in 18 months of wedding planning. Both Nancy and Tom are absolutely wonderful to work with and go above and beyond their call of duty to help their clients. I worked with Nancy to choose El Dorado Royale in the Riviera Maya for our July 2007 honeymoon. She really took the time to talk with me, answer questions, and to provide me with all of the information needed so that my husband and I could make our decision. After viewing many pictures and talking with Nancy we choose to book an individual Casita. Nancy assured me that I did not make the wrong decision and she was absolutely right! What a beautiful room and truly breathtaking resort. Getting there on the other hand was a different story. We were to leave Monday morning at 7AM, but after a 45 minute delay we found that our flight was canceled! After trying to work with the airline representative we found out that we had missed our connecting flights and could not get to Cancun that day. Faced with losing an entire day of our honeymoon, we immediately called Island Getaways and spoke with Tom who assured us that he would do whatever it took to help us. Tom even spoke with the airline representative to ensure that he was pursuing all of the available options to get us there that day. After it was determined impossible, except to arrive at almost midnight that night, Tom advised us to book flights for the next day and that he and Nancy would do whatever they could to get our stay extended with the resort. Tom and Nancy both were in contact with us that entire day working on getting us an extra night to make up for the one we missed and also providing us with the reassurance we desperately needed when it seemed as though we would never get there! Through their influence and reputation with the resort, they managed to get out honeymoon extended by an additional day at no charge to us! They even followed up with the resort to make sure that we arrived as planned. We have no idea, nor would we like to imagine what we would have done without them! I highly recommend anyone to save themselves the hassle and travel exclusively through Island Getaways, they are a true pleasure to work with and we know that we have found our lifetime travel agents. Thank you so much Nancy and Tom for going the extra mile to help us have the honeymoon of our dreams. We can wait to go back!

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